Challenges turn to Wisdom

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The year 2019 was probably one of the most challenging years we have had in our Center, and at the same time, one of the most rewarding times . We’ve traveled through multiple deaths, financial set backs and human conflict within our community and in the greater global world. However, from these experiences has come great wisdom. Yes, we have literally turned our challenges into wisdom. We all have this same capacity. Out of challenges come wisdom if we choose to look deeply enough into our reactions to those challenges and take responsibility for our part in the experience.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has spoken on the idea that we get married to the emotional reaction from a trauma that we have had. Every time we relive that trauma, we relive the emotion. This creates a cycle. Our bodies are not meant to be in constant stress mode and eventually these repetitive emotional experiences will take their toll on our health and well being. Is this what we want or are we willing to make the necessary corrections to our thinking so as to live a more fulfilling and joyful life? Please do not confuse this with “not feeling your feelings.” However, beyond those feelings is healing when we claim it.

I’ve had a new awakening these last few months because it seemed that the spiral of tragedy surrounding me and directly involving me excellerated. I found myself bombarded daily with a new challenge causing me at times to lose my footing. Even with my daily meditations and numerous daily Spiritual Mind Treatments, it wasn’t enough to armor myself for each new challenge. I talked myself into thinking that I didn’t have enough time to take even more time for myself when it was needed.

What was causing the enormous stress I put on myself was allowing my energy to bleed into trying to fix the problems and actually think I could stop the challenges from coming. What I realized finally was that I was, first of all, labeling my challenges as bad instead of just a temporary experience, an opportunity to learn something, a wisdom that I obviously had to gain.

I cannot stop others from dying or stop others from grieving. I cannot make people choose differently. I cannot be everything to everyone. I cannot create abundance from a consciousness of lack. I cannot stop people from talking about me negatively. These are all effects and behind them is some belief (cause). As Sadasivanathaswami at the Hindu Monastery said, as he pulled a weed from his garden, “We must pull the weed in our mind from the root so it will not grow back.” So it is in our teaching: behind every effect is a root mental cause and until we let it go, we will keep repeating the same effects.

Spirit creates by becoming the thing it makes. We are Spirit. We create our experiences and the things in our lives by becoming the consciousness of those experiences. If we have a consciousness of trouble lurking around every corner, trouble will definitely show up. An example of this for me yesterday is that I went back into a story that I had already worked hard to release to explain it to someone else. As soon as I did, the old emotions came up, and voila: the story showed up again in form.

This is a simple philosophy to understand, but can be difficult to practice if we make it so. I choose to make it simple all the way around. I choose to garner the wisdom of these last few months and use it to move forward. I choose to look at what I want to experience and become those experiences in consciousness. I choose to shift my consciousness by releasing beliefs that no longer serve me. I choose to take as much time as I need for myself to be successful in this practice. If I’ve learned anything from these past few months, it is that self-care is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. 

By taking my necessary steps in shifting my consciousness through self-care, my experiences will shift. It’s scientific. It can be proven. I’ve already proven it both negatively and positively. Now, again, I walk more on the positive side with purpose and vision for the future. I am powerful because I rely on a greater Power that is first Cause. Effects are mere shadows of my mind. When my mind is stayed on the Truth of Love/First Cause, and when I speak my Mind from that place, only then will new plants of experience bloom.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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