Becoming the Thing

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Life is self-existent and creates by becoming the thing it makes. We are life and this is the way we create our life experience. We become it. If we look at our lives, we will see how we have used this power. People comment and say they didn’t ask for a certain illness or that they didn’t ask for financial troubles. Of course, we didn’t. And, we are not being punished by our challenges either. They are merely opportunities to grow. I believe that nothing in our life is a punishment or bad. It is merely part of our journey, asking us to turn back to Source.

So, you might ask how do I become something? Let’s say, I want a new car or more money? How do I become a car? We have to go deeper than this. These are merely effects. The act of becoming is an act of feeling. We live in a quantum universe that is made up of waves and particles. Particles are our experiences that have taken root, but we always have the opportunity to be more wave than particle. When we move into a state of pure energy, a field of unlimited potential, that is the place we can create the new. It is a mental act of the Spirit.

How do we get there? My way is through first telling myself that I can. Then, I free myself from the world of conditions through meditation. I sit until I have changed my state of being. If I am feeling lack, I sit until I meditate enough upon the abundance of the Universe that I feel it within my being. Gratitude is a sure way to get to this place because it puts us in our heart space. Our heart space is the place that is unlimited in its capacity to create.

This might sound airy-fairy to some of us, but to tell you the truth it is scientific and it can be proven by each of us if we care to put in the spiritual work. We must not be afraid to really look at our lives, our so-called troubles, and accept our part in it all. We must start where we are, and then realize that we can move into another space of consciousness, that is the consciousness of the experiences we say we want. We must be single-minded about it. There is no room for doubt. If we doubt, we must work on our doubt. That is an act of Faith before we see the outcome.

So, simply put, what does it feel like to have health, to have wealth, to be creative every day, to being in loving relationships? If you can conjure this feeling up and then go act as if before you see it in form, you will be on your way.

Right now, I am working on something very specific. There is no sign of it in my life in the world of form. However, I can feel what it would be like to experience it. As soon as I move into this place, pictures of it begin to flash into my mind. Sometimes they do not make sense, but I just let them come.

I remember when we first began to create CSL Kaua`i. People would ask where our physical site was, we would point to our hearts. That was the truth and eventually it moved into form in the way of people, places and things. We started with what we had, which was our consciousness. We had a great feeling of love and passion behind it.

We all have consciousness and we all have access to the field of unlimited potentiality, but we cannot get their with the baggage of our past or even our current troubles and woes and longings. We must be willing to start new and to continue to let go and surrender. Ernest Holmes once wrote that “we all stand in the shadow of a Mighty Mind.” We are the ones that cast the shadow. It is us. Step out of the way, and let the light come through. It’s here right where we are. Take a breath and let go and believe in all that is possible for the mind that believes that it is God, the Divine and Unlimited.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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