What’s Got You By the Toe?

Yesterday, I had the experience of sitting with someone who was very down on the condition of the world and was dreading what he believed could happen. He happened to being holding onto my foot giving me a pedicure, so I can say literally that I was held hostage, as he bombarded me with this tales of doom that came from living in a communistic country.  He was in fear of those same things happening, here in America. As I sat there, I found that I did not get carried away with him in his fear. I literally didn’t believe as he did. I was able to listen, reason and still hold the consciousness of my beliefs.

This morning as I read the reading in the Science of Mind text about how the Law of Good works through us, and how everything is held in consciousness, I realized this was exactly what I did yesterday. My own consciousness was already steadily focused on Good.

In the Text, Dr. Ernest Holmes uses the example of holding a consciousness of prosperity and then meeting a friend who is only talking of lack. Dr. Holmes makes sure we know that he is not saying that we should refuse to listen to people, but what we should do is not wallow in the consciousness with them. In this way, we can talk to anyone, we can listen, and we can speak our own truth if appropriate. We can offer another way of thinking and help those who ask for our help, but we can never wallow in their grief with them and we cannot force them to think the way we think. Dr. Holmes quotes that Bible statement about wallowing in the mud with someone and both falling in the ditch. Sometimes, I just silently treat while I am listening to someone who just wants to be heard. It assists me in staying steady.

I believe I am here to assist in carrying the world through this shift in consciousness by staying strong as individuals in the unlimited field of Intelligence. Ernest Holmes and others give us a formula and it is about being single-minded.

First we must believe that we live in a Field of Intelligence that creates from the impress of our thoughts. It’s not hard to believe this anymore. We do not even have to take it on faith because it is now proven by the new breed of scientists – quantum scientists. There is a Field of Energy that responds to us. It is a feeling Universe.

Secondly, we must accept the truth that Consciousness is never bound by the form it takes. Spirit is free and it is always creating, forming new creations and then leaving the form it takes. Nothing is static.

Thirdly, we must be able to look a fact in the face and realize that we can change it by changing our consciousness about it. It is only held in place by consciousness. What are you looking at with your consciousness and holding it in place? Our thoughts about the world and its conditions, what we think about our own health, our own limitations are only some of the examples of things we hold in consciousness that might not be serving us. Ernest goes onto say that conditions are not entities. We are Entities. An Entity is something that is self-existent. Our consciousness is self-existent. It has no beginning or end.

Fourth, we must believe in the Power of our Word. When we speak our word about something, which is merely saying that we are announcing a particular Reality that we want to experience, we must believe that our announcement has power as it flows into the Law of our being. This is what Spiritual Mind Treatment is for. The Law makes it so, not our thoughts. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says,” The thought sends the signal out, the feeling brings the event back.” We must feel the Power of our Word as we release it as Law.

Fifth, we must be persistent. Just because something doesn’t appear right away, just means there is more to know. We can’t say we believe one day and then go out and act the opposite and then expect to see any results. We must stay single-minded. We must know it is already done. Dr. Holmes wrote,

“The way to scientifically work out a problem is daily in thought to conceive of it as already being an accomplished fact in experience. We may pass through many conditions, but we must come to a point where we are not disturbed by things. Then we have found the secret. If we can judge not by appearances, out of CHAOS WE CAN PRODUCE HARMONY. Train yourself to think what you want to think and feel what you want to feel and place no limit on Principle. Know your word has power, not just with your intellect, but from within. If you reach this point, your word simply becomes an announcement.”

And then, “If you have a vague, subtle, unconscious fear, be quiet and ask yourself. “Who am I?’’ “What am I?” “Who is speaking?” “What is my life?” In this manner think right back to Principle until your thought becomes perfectly clear again. This is right thinking that cancels and erases everything unlike itself. It answers every question, solves all problems, is the solution to every difficulty.”

I believe we are at a time in our evolution, where we are ready now to understand that Consciousness is everything and that everything must start in Consciousness. We are evolving by conscious choice.  I also believe that we are becoming more and more aware that it is ourselves that must change if we want to see a different experience in the objective world.

So, let’s get to work. We all have the capability to start with our own lives no matter what we are experiencing. We can test these principles of this scientific spirituality and prove them. I know we can succeed in having better lives by releasing and forgiving our past and thinking anew everyday. We can do it, even if something seems to be holding us hostage, like I was yesterday by the toe, we are still free to think what we want to think and create those experiences in our life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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