Celebrating Karen Liberman

Today is the Celebration of Life for Karen Liberman, a woman who definitely touched my life deeply. She was a member of our Center for five years. She also cut and styled my hair. But, my feelings about her go far beyond these two ways she touched my world. It is Karen’s spiritual essence I want to celebrate today.

Karen LibermanKaren had a deep reverence about her. When I entered her hair studio in her home, it was like entering a holy sanctuary. She cut my hair as if she was guided by angels and masters from the unseen.

She was one of the most passionate people I know in regards to life. Some might say she was stubborn or strong-willed, but she knew exactly how she wanted to live and how she wanted to die. As I came to learn more about her after her death, I learned that this passionate spirit was also adventurous and filled with embracing all of life and all people.

My observance of Karen Is that she lived her life fully, embracing all the changes. She was open to love. I remember when she told me about meeting Scott. She loved him from the beginning. She sounded like a young school girl when she spoke of him.

There wasn’t a time at our Center after a service that Karen didn’t find the time to come up to me and tell me how my words touched her spirit. She’d say, “You were on fire today, or “what you said today was so perfect. It touched me.”

On numerous occasions before she passed from this plane of action, Karen told me she was ready to fly. I remember seeing her in the hospital when I first discovered she was struggling physically. I said, I will keep you in my prayers. She said, “yes, pray that I am out of here.” I thought she was talking about the hospital, but she then stated firmly, “no, out of here and into the cosmos.”

In our teaching, we are always at choice. All is good and all has a deep purpose for us. Our Founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “The body is necessary to this plane, since only through a physical body can we properly function here. When the body is no longer a fit instrument, the soul deserts it and continues to function on another plane.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Karen continues on. Life always goes on, and we expand. The Power I know and celebrate is a Power of Love. It is Love. God is Love. Karen was that love here and she continues immersed in and as that love as she continues her eternal journey.

Nature will not let us stay in any one place too long. She will let us stay just long enough to gather the experience necessary to the unfolding and advancement of the soul. …When the change comes, we should welcome it with a smile on the lips and a song in the heart.

Karen most definitely did that. She gave us all a great gift in being a leading example of surrender and trust in life eternal.

There is more to us than we realize. Woman/Man is an eternal destiny, a forever expanding principle of conscious intelligence …the ocean in the drop of water, the sun in its rays.  …And so we prepare not to die, but to live. The thought of death should slip from our consciousness altogether; and when the great event of the soul takes place, it should be beautiful, sublime … a glorious experience.

 Thank you, Karen!  

A hui hou! Love and Aloha

Rev. Rita

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