Bold Love Unleashed

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “When things look the worst, is the time to do our best work.” I am thinking of what my best work might be right now. The famous words of John F. Kennedy echo in my mind,  “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  I ask this question in a different way, “My fellow Divine Beings, ask not what God can do for you, ask what you can do for God.” 

When I use the word God, if you do not know me, I am not referring to a man on a cloud somewhere. I am not referring to a person at all. I am referring to the very Principle of Life that is my life and yours. God is moving through all of creation, a Divine Principle, creating from itself, as us, as the Universe. So, coming from this place, ask not what God can do for you, ask what you can do for God.

I live my life from God. You are also an individualization of God. From this premise, what we can do for God is to express ourselves boldly and authentically. We can let God out. Another word for God in the mind of the great transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson is “Love.” God is Love.  The greatest expression of God would be to be bold love unleashed.

Bold love unleashed is not afraid to live with passion. Bold Love unleashed speaks its truth. Bold love unleashed shares itself authentically and fully. Bold love unleashed replaces fear with faith. Bold love unleashed is peace within the storm. Bold love unleashed has faith and trust in itself because it knows that the Power that created everything is behind its very breath. Bold love unleashed lives as integrity and stands by its word. Bold love unleashed knows that its word is Law and therefore always speaks its word with love. Bold love unleashed respects all life because all life is the life of God. Bold love unleashed has the audacity to say, “I am God. I am Divine.” Bold love unleashed believes in itself because it knows that it is a Divine expression of the most high. In the words of Ernest Holmes, “Whomever you are be proud, you are a Divine idea in the mind of God.” 

When things look the worst, bold love unleashed knows that it is a co-creator of what is in front of it and, if it is not serving the highest good, just as it was created it can be uncreated and recreated. Bold love unleashed takes responsibility for its life. Bold love unleashed doesn’t doubt its power because it knows that its power is the Power that keeps the stars in balance and the earth spinning. Bold Love unleashed knows that it is the “self-giviningness of the Spirit through the desire of life to express itself in terms of creation.” Bold love unleashed creates a life that is harmonious and peaceful because it is peace. It places no limits on Principle, and it lives free and focused on expressing Principle to the highest and best.

I am bold love unleashed and so are you. We are connected in one field of Energy creating waves of various degrees of that bold love. Its up to each of us how much of that bold love we want to unleash. The more we unleash the more bold and loving the Field is. As we ripple together, we create harmony and balance. That harmony is created by love and love alone.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Bold Love Unleashed

  1. I love love love this post! Bold love unleashed is the secret to everything. It attracts everything in life, it attracts the love we are, it allows us to just be, and just being is always way more than enough! Thank you for this post! ❤️


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