Love Heals Everything

Love heals everything, so the saying goes. However, it is more than a saying; it is Truth. Love heals everything and this is why. As Ernest Holmes wrote, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible.”

Let us first define Love. Love isn’t a Valentine or a romantic relationship. It isn’t the love you feel for a pet or a child. These are expressions of Love, but Love goes beyond this. If it weren’t so, it could be taken away from you. For example, if you didn’t have a pet to love or a partner to love, you would feel like you’d lost love. It is impossible to lose Love. Love is our Divine Nature. Emerson defined it Love as another word for God. Love isn’t dependent on outside conditions. Love is self-existent.

In the Science of Mind and Spirit we define Love as “The self-giviningness of the Spirit through the desire of life to express itself in terms of creation.” We are Love. It is the impulsion of our Energy expressing itself through Law. Love and Law is the basis of all creation.

If this is the case, and I believe it is, then Love has the capacity to heal everything. However, because we are at choice and Love makes the choice to express itself in various degrees. We are in charge of that volume knob. Will we turn up Love or will we give into its opposite fear? When we turn to Love and up the volume, we heal. When we turn up the volume on fear, we continue to create more reasons to fear. This is the Principle that governs the Universe. We are at choice in every moment to lead with Love or lead with fear which is just a call for love. Love will come forth eventually, because we are ever evolving our consciousness. We continue to suffer until we finally surrender to Love.

I have had many experiences in my life where I had this choice. At some points earlier in my life when I was ignorant of the Power that lay within me, I thought the way through an experience was to try to fix it from the outside, to prove my point, to be right and make someone else wrong. I remember when I went through a divorce. This was the case. My fear and guilt for the divorce caused me to hang on for dear life to my need to be right. If I was right then I’d be okay and everyone else would forgive me and side with me.

But, now I know better. I’m not saying I do not fall into the trap of being fearful at times, but I catch myself very quickly. I go back within and turn up the volume on Love, and I let Love lead the way. I turn up the volume on love and healing takes place. It doesn’t always come in the form that I would like, but healing does take place.

What is healing? That is another term that needs clarification, should we confuse it with a physical healing. Healing is the revealing of Divinity in our own minds in regards to any experience. As we rise above the situation and shine Truth on it, a healing takes place. It is the realization that God/Love is all there is and Love is always present within everyone and everything. In Reality, Love is the only healing power.

I’ve had an experience lately, where I was caught with everyone else in the trap of trying to create the healing in the world of effects and experiences. If I could just change this outcome or this could happen, all would be well. Changing things in the world of effects or conditions does not create lasting change, because we have not dealt with the cause that created the effects in the first place. We must turn away from the effects and turn to First Cause. We do not even need to know what the mental cause is. We only need to be willing to turn away, to First Cause/Love. This is also called the Absolute or the Field where there is no right or wrong. If we can get to this place mentally and emotionally, we can heal anything.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “There is but One Healer. This is the Spirit of Truth. There is but on Life Principle. This is God in us. There is but one final Law. This is the Law of Good. There is but one ultimate Impulsion. This Impulsion is Love.” Ernest Holmes
Metaphysical teacher and author, Tom Sanner wrote, “Love is the energy that creates everything out of Itself. Love is the energy that knows only wholeness. It is the energy of love that creates, sustains and heals all things. There is nothing in existence that enough love cannot heal.”

So, does love heal everything. Yes, it is guaranteed. The question is will we choose it? Are we willing to move out of the world of effects to our higher consciousness, amp up the volume on Love and stay there.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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