For the Good of the Whole, I Am…

What I have discovered through my spiritual journey through Catholicism, Mormonism, New Ageism, and finally the Science of Mind and Spirit and New Thought is that nothing is more powerful than the power of my own mind. I am living, as we all are, in a Universal Mind, Intelligence, God, the Field, that is infinite in its scope. Within this Mind is the possibility of everything.

My only intention in life is to surrender to it, embody my Divinity and use this one Power for Good in my life and in the world. The more I can do my own personal work in meditation, spiritual mind treatment, reading, studying and growing spiritually and emotionally, the more centered and infinite I become. This is my gift to the world. This is Love in Action.

I loved the quote my husband used yesterday in his Sunday talk by Dr. Michael Beckwith. I’m paraphrasing, but it was “We are trying the change the world, while we remain the same.” How crazy to run out and try to change the world when all we are doing is to try to change the things we have not yet changed in ourselves. We want more love, but we are still fighting with our neighbors. We want better politicians, but we are divided within our own communities. We want to make sure everyone is fed, but we cannot feed ourselves. We want to clean the environment, but keep condemning it all the time.

I can feel overwhelmed by all that is happening in the world of politics, globally and here at home in the U.S. or I can just begin where I am one day at a time, and clean my own inner world. I do believe that when I do this, I can be of better service in the bigger world.

Our minds are powerful and we can use them for good by training ourselves to think and feel what we want to think and feel. We can train ourselves to start looking for the good instead of focusing on what we think is missing. We can begin to focus on what’s going right instead of every potential for disaster. We can become peace makers in our own universe and walk out creating newness and good in our own experiences. We can be examples of love in action. We can catch God’s vision for us and bring it out into the world.

The whole world could be destroyed today, but one thing can never be destroyed and that is the freedom to choose how we will think, act and feel. If we continue to be dictated to by the outside world of conditions, we will continue to experience more of the same. If we raise our consciousness higher into the realm of infinite possibilities for good, we will begin to get the answers from within of where our place is in this conditional world. We will find our ways to give and act as love in action.

I remember Mother Theresa refusing to be part of anything that was “against.” She said she would only partake in the energy of being “for” something. I believe this is true love in action. I believe that when we are for something and stand behind it with our consciousness and walk out from that place that miracles happen daily. I have experienced these miracles in the changed and beautiful lives around me. I have experienced Mind in Action creating a better world by creating better individual lives.

We are the world and the time is here when we are realizing that Consciousness must lead the way. There are more of us that think this way then is shown by the media. We are growing in numbers because the Divine Presence of Love can never be stopped. However, this is not about fighting or creating more division, it is about living our lives to the highest and best and blessing everything and everyone to do the same. It is about taking responsibility for our place in the creation of the present moment and seeing where it is we need to change to bring forth a better and better creation.

We have been left alone to discover ourselves. No one can force anyone to speed up the process. We cannot stop evolution. We can slow it down, perhaps, but we cannot stop it. I invite us all to think bigger, more loving, more infinite thoughts and put them into action as we are led to do individually for the good of the whole.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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