It is Done Unto Us…

“It is done unto us as we believe.” The whole philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit is based on this one statement. I invite us to consider this today. “It is done unto us…” 

It might be hard to believe that we do not have to struggle to make things happen in our life. We’ve been taught to compete and fight for what we want as a part of survival in our world. However, we are coming to understand that this is not the case. It is cooperation with each other and with nature that will bring our world to a more peaceful and fulfilling place. It all begins with how we use the Power of the Universe through the Power of our own Mind – our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs.

Yesterday, I had a small example of how powerful our word is and how it is definitely “Done unto us… .” I had a particular situation that was going no where. I wanted a resolution and I kept thinking it had to come from this one person in a particular way. Well, I gave that up and I was done with it being unresolved. I did a Spiritual Mind Treatment for myself, claiming that once and for all it was resolved. I made sure to  gett out of the way of how it would out-picture. With a force of belief and feeling in that resolution, I stated, “And so it is.”

Two minutes hadn’t passed, and my phone rang. It was the person that was in charge of the situation. However, he had pocket-dialed me. Usually when this happens, the person is unaware that it occurred and you hang up after saying “hello” a few times. Not this time, suddenly, I heard his voice, saying Rita, did you call me. “No, you pocket-dialed me.” We laughed. I asked him about the situation and within five minutes it was resolved. I am still laughing about how it occurred and how the Law of our Being will bring something to us in the most unusual way if we get out of the way. “It is done unto us… .”

There comes a time in all experiences when we have done everything we possibly can in the world of conditions.  We might be praying, but we are struggling. This is when we must turn it over. The Universe/Law does its part, if we let it. We must believe; we must know it is done; we must relax and let it happen.

In order to use this Creative Power, we must spend time daily through meditation, reading, writing to keep ourselves aligned with it and make sure we are using it for good – our good and the good of the whole. We are powerful and what we put out with that power comes back to us one way or the other.

We can do a lot of good for our world by spending time daily meditating on peaceful solutions and visualizing a world that works for everyone. Spiritual Mind Treatment is a Powerful healing modality. We live in one Field of Energy and when we think into it, it is felt. As Ernest Holmes one wrote, if the answer is in the deepest darkest and furthest place in the world,  it will find its way to us. However, we must keep our vibration high. We must pray unceasingly (think aright) and move into action with faith, not struggle.

“It is done unto us as we believe… .” What do you believe about yourself and the world today? I invite you to think big amazing loving thoughts and speak your Word and trust this Power that lies within each of us.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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