Take Care of Yourself

I have every reason to be worried, but I’m not. I am convinced that we are all going to be just fine. Last night, I woke up and my throat felt scratchy. Instead of going into a panic or wondering if this was it – the virus, I simply began my mantra, which is “There’s only one Life. That Life is God’s Life. That Life is Perfect. That Life is my Life now.” I repeated it over and over until my own words calmed me. Suddenly, I began to heat up, I mean really hot. It lasted several moments. I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I was fine.

Yesterday, we had an interview on KKCR, our local non profit radio, I was asked to give some inspiration. I began to expound on the things I believed to be true and my faith in our recovery and my vision for the perfect outcome to this challenging time. Today, as I think back on it, I wonder if words help at a time like this, even when the speaker totally believes in those words. I was left with the feeling that there is more I can do then just offer verbal encouragement.

Our Center is a tithing Center, which means that we donate to those who spiritually nurture us or our world. This, although a good thing, still hardly feels like enough. We are offering programs, meditations, classes, our Services online. This is all powerful and good. Is it enough? People are still suffering and feeling lost and alone and helpless to this virus. What is enough and what can I do?

In meditation today, I got my answer. It wasn’t something I didn’t already know. In fact, it is the basis of our whole teaching in the Science of Mind and Spirit. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I am not here to preach or even teach. I am not here to give of my worldly possessions either. All these things are good, but they will not heal the world. So why am I here? Why are any of us here?

This is what I know. There is one Mind. There is one Field of Energy. Every time, I think into it, I am making a difference. Although it is wonderful to be an inspiration with my words, it is nothing compared to what I can do by thinking right thoughts into the One Mind. “One alone in Consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority,” wrote the mystic Dr. Ernest Holmes. Gandhi challenged us to “Be the change we want to see.”

Of course I must take action, but “works without faith are dead,” also. Knowing that this is Truth for me takes the enormous burden to be Savior off my shoulders and allows me to just be me, as Mother Theresa would put it, “Grow where I am planted.”

I trust these words I’ve written will ring in the consciousness of those of us that feel a bit overwhelmed by all the work for others that we want to do. We are doing the best we can and the stronger we are in Consciousness, the bigger difference we will make. Showing up as our True Selves in confidence and love takes taking the time for ourselves everyday. We need to tend our mental gardens, commune with the Divine, and step out into the world whole and complete.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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