In the Greater Reality

Every time, before I begin to write this blog, I ask: “What do I need to know today?” I close my eyes and I let go.

Today, I need to know that all is well. How can I know that? I know it because I know I am living as a bigger field of Energy, as someone so eloquently pout it, where the Coronavirus does not exist. This is what it means to get Real with a capital R.

There is only one Reality and it is perfect wholeness, harmony, balance. If it weren’t so, we couldn’t exist for a moment. Within the Real, the real, with a small r, is taking form, releasing its form and taking form again. We get to decide what that form is for ourselves. We are creating our relationship to the conditional world by our perception of it.  If we can approach the real as the Real, we can move energy to wholeness.

This is a powerful time. Today, Hawaii is meeting the rest of the conditional world in lockdown. Wow! When I was training to be a minister they never taught us this. We couldn’t have predicted what we would experience in the small reality. However, what we were trained to do was to remain on Principle. We were trained to embody the Presence, to know were are God, and to use the Power greater than we are – the Law of our Being – to create our destiny. We were given information and then it was up to us to live it. A teacher cannot force his/her student to receive and expand. There are some things that cannot be taught by another. We are our own self-teachers.

So, how does that influence me today? I realize I am still a student. As new information and conditions arise, I must apply Principle to them, while still adhering to the rules of the world of form. Being a Spiritual Being doesn’t mean we are reckless in our approach, stomping through the world in self-righteousness. For me, being a Spiritual Being means I take care of my own house. I live as an example. I conform to the rules, but not to the consciousness. I keep my consciousness stayed on Principle. God is all there is and it hasn’t left because we are in the middle of a pandemic.

So, today, on the first day of lockdown, I continue to know that this is a temporary situation, while being a great opportunity for me to expand myself and our ministry called Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i. It is exciting to know that in a time where I could be shrinking my place in the world, I am expanding instead. I can assist by being me and giving what is mine to give.

We can all do the same. These are exciting times. If we can look at all the restrictions as an opportunity to go within and reform our ideas of what is important, we can learn great lessons. If we allow what is to be what it is, and move through it in consciousness of a greater Reality of what can be, we will have been of great assistance at this time when so many are suffering and afraid.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that the Practitioner stands right next to the Medical Physician. We attend to the wellbeing of the Spirit, assisting to keep it strong and healthy. We stand as beacons of light and hope. I am grateful to be in the ranks of so many amazing beings. We are here for you: 808-755-9177. Call if you need a spiritual boost. Tune into our Sunday Celebration We are loving our way to healing. We know it is already accomplished in the greater Reality.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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