Love Behind the Mask

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A few days ago, it became mandatory on the Island of Kaua`i to wear masks in public places.  I’m not sure how this is being enforced, but my understanding is that if you are not wearing a mask, a store has the right to refuse service to you. I understand the fear of spreading the Coronavirus and the vulnerability and susceptibility of many to it. I am not against wearing my mask. I am also not against anyone who might not feel comfortable wearing a mask. In fact, I am understanding the fear on both sides of the mask. The fear of the contagious virus and the fear of control by an authority.

I am not going to address those who choose not to wear masks. Instead, to those of us wearing masks my question is: what is behind our mask? Is it fear or is it respect for others and care for our own health? The Master teacher Jesus once said, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,” and in the next breath he said, “and to God the things that are God’s.”

What we owe to the society is part of living on this earth plane. Just by being in the 3-D world we have made certain agreements. However, there are also those who choose to move beyond those agreements. Our whole nation is based on a rebellion against a government. In this case, each must follow their own conscience, but also understand that there are consequences either way.

I’m more interested in “rending unto God what is God’s.” What I am more interested in is where my consciousness is, and whether or not I have given it to fear and control or to the knowing of my Divinity. No mask can ever hide my Divinity unless I choose to disguise it with my thoughts, beliefs and actions.

The superheroes of our comic book world all had to a disguised themselves in some sort of costume and mask. Was the power in the costume/mask or in the man/woman behind the mask. The answer, to me, is simple. Clark Kent or Peter Parker were already powerful and already knew their super powers. Do you know your superpowers? Do you know you are Divine?

If I have to wear a mask, every time I put it on, I’m going to think of myself as a superheroine whose mask accentuates that Power from within. A mask cannot take away my ability to align my heart and mind with Divinity. It cannot take away my freedom to choose God as my source and supply. No matter what I am wearing, I can never disguise my True Self.

I love walking this 3D world as a 5D individual. It is a great school, a training ground. I know I have everything within me to walk it.  I can never forget where I truly came from and what I am really made of: Stardust, Energy and God Stuff.  I am Love behind the Mask.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “Love Behind the Mask

  1. I love this sharing, Rita. It is powerful and empowering. When wearing my mask this morning while bike riding, I practiced different ways of having my smile felt by those I passed. Fascinating!


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