What Do You Really Believe?

Today, on the day before the stone was rolled away and Jesus couldn’t be found anywhere at all, those who were the believed what he told them previously, saw him in Spirit and those who had a belief in physical reality only thought someone must have taken his body. Is one bad and one good? No. It is just a matter of belief. We see and experience the world as we believe. This is my Truth.

There is so much information out there about COVID 19 and it’s all coming from different directions and different beliefs. The information is not static because everyday all of us are trying to figure it out and find ways to stay safe. The scientific world is seeking vaccinations and testing and cures. The government is seeking ways to keep the population safe from “it,” while at the same time seeking the answers to keep the economy from collapsing. The spiritual teachers are all looking at it from a spiritual perspective, and there are a million different answers in this arena from the punishment of a wrathful God to the awakening of a new consciousness. Again, all of this is centered around belief put into action. Is one right and one wrong? Time will give us the answer to that question, but again all that matters is right now. We are all doing the best we can trying to figure this out together and separately.

I just had the opportunity to listen to a doctor from Germany who had a whole different outlook on how we should react to COVID 19. He catapulted me back to my childhood and how when we got sick, we just got sick. We went home and got nursed back to health with sleep, rest and some chicken soup. Some people died of things and some people lived.

This German doctor’s approach was very matter-of-fact and actually comforting because it got me thinking about what the world and its inhabitants look like to me right now. It seems we are imploding a whole world socially, economically and politically because we are afraid to die. Could it really be that simple?

I remember a question that pervaded the film “Moonstruck,” when the mother character was trying to figure out why husbands cheated on their wives. She finally got the answer, true or not, it satisfied her. “They are afraid to die!!!’Are we living our lives afraid to die?

I’m not writing this to dare anyone to take their masks off and take to the streets, but I am asking a real question. Why are we afraid to die? Ernest Holmes, the mystic, author and Founder of Science of Mind, would say that its all about separation from God. We are afraid to die because we do not really believe in eternal life. And, of course, there is more. We are enjoying our life and we don’t want to leave our loved ones. We don’t want this experience to end. But, that brings up another question? Is our fear of death creating a more horrific life of living in fear, actually being afraid to live?

I think this is a good time to be asking myself a lot of questions? Here are the questions Dr. Holmes poses as we go inward to regain what he calls “a lost Paradise…What is my viewpoint of life? What do I feel my relationship to the great Whole to be? What do I believe about the Cause back of all?”

If we are feeling fear, discouragement, doubt and wondering what the heck is going to happen, where are these feelings coming from? Yes, they make sense giving what the world is showing us, but how will we proceed forward and create a new experience if we do not shift these feelings by examining our beliefs and really getting honest with ourselves?

As for me, I want to live in faith not fear. I want to know what my true support of health and wealth are. I want to be courageous in the face of it all. I want to walk in the world as one who knows my true Source of supply.  Dr. Holmes wrote, “I must set myself right with the Universe. I must find the way back to the central fire, if I am to be warmed. I must find the Source, if I am to be supplied. I must be like God, if I wish to realize the Spirit in my life!” He continues ” … A change of consciousness does not come by simply willing or wishing. It is not easy to hold the mental attention to an ideal while the human experience is discordant, but – it is possible.”

If it weren’t possible, we’d all be truly lost. No, God/Life/Source is for us not against us. It is the Inner Presence pushing us into greater and greater expression . There are Forces seen and unseen that are here assisting us to bring us back to ourselves, and I believe that is the road we must take if we are to truly move positively through this time.

“Know Thyself” and know what you believe. You’ll know the answer by looking at your experience. I am forever knowing that we truly change our experiences by changing our beliefs. There is a lot of good here for reaping. If nothing else, it is a true assessment of ourselves, what we believe and how we truly want to live. The fear of the Coronavirus will be over for good for each of us as soon as we figure that out for ourselves.

In Truth and Love,

Rev. Rita

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