It’s About What’s In Here

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There is something that I know for a certainty and that is I am not conditioned by my outside experiences. I have spent over 20 years cultivating and growing my consciousness and I realize that I am not presently wired to worry, fret or think negatively. Do I ever think negatively? Well, there might be a moment here or there, but because of my wiring (consciousness), I know how to reset myself.

I’ve had many great teachers over the years and I continue to seek out people who inspire me and expand me. I am teachable and not stuck in anyone way of thinking. I only look for those ideas that magnify what I call Truth. Truth for me is anything that is Love and empowers me to act in a greater way. Truth is anything that turns me inward to my Divine self.

I’ve recently found a new teacher. His name is Dr. Robert Bitzer. I’ve heard of him before because he is a contemporary of my mentor Dr. Ernest Holmes. Dr. Bitzer doesn’t have the multitude of published writings that Dr. Holmes has, so getting into his mind takes a little more research.

I found a book of his collected essays and I’ve been drinking them up lately. He is strong, clear and doesn’t mince words. I like that. He lived to be well into his 90s and I believe gave one of his last talks when he was 96 or so.  Here is one of his quotes, “…the day has no power one way or the other. It’s a good day when you make it that way. Every experience unfolds in the same way. Experiences are not things within themselves. They have no power for good or bad. But you have the power to make each experience good. The wisdom within you that knows how to make each experience work out in the right way is greater than any negative thinking.”

In another section he wrote, “You give no power to the situation you find yourself in. You are a self-contained center of limitless power.” 

There is so much more than this, but the lesson is strong on every page. We are centers of energy. We express in particle and wave. The more wave we express as, the greater power we have over material reality. Not in the sense that we are controlling it, but in the knowing that we are in control of the experience we have within it. This is my go to in this time of COVID 19. I am the master of my experience. I have the power to control my thinking and live from the highest consciousness of love. I can create my experience within this time on earth.

What I’ve noticed about my experience is that my life as I know it, outside of the social restrictions, has not changed. I am still Rita and I still believe the same things. I have not shifted in my faith and I still know that everything that is occurring is for my highest good. This is not lip service. I really believe it and I am living from that place.

However, I also feel that I am being strongly asked to redefine my purpose here. As I continue to live the Principles of the Science of Mind and Spirit, I am finding that my experience is shifting to show me there are greater things to accomplish. I can’t say that I know yet what they are, and that is the part that takes the practice of faith. It is the surrender that I feel to the unknown. I am not in control of what’s next. I’m only in control of what I think about and act from when the next presents itself. I am doing my best to stay present to what is and to practice gratitude for every moment.

I listened to a wonderful podcast yesterday given by some of my present day mentors and the underlying theme was self-transformation. I love that phrase “self-transformation,” because it signifies, again, that I am doing the transforming. I am like a butterfly in a cocoon, very active in creating my new life. There is a lot going on in the unseen. There are helpers. There is the innate workings of the self that has never quite been tested in this way.

What I know is that new parts of our brains are being turned on by our expanding consciousness if we are willing. We have all the knowledge and intelligence, all the tools within us. They might be tools that we’ve never used before or they are tools that just need more sharpening. The tools of intuition, faith, imagination, will and the power to decide are just a few. I am honing my skills. I have faith in myself to do so.

As I stated, I do not know what is next, but I do know that I am built for it. We all are. However, we must be willing to stretch our imaginations, to expand our thinking, to change when needed, to trust ourselves. We know what to do. We are powerful. We are creators. We are unlimited. We do not have to be conditioned by anything outside of ourselves. This is our freedom. Our greater power is below the surface. It always has been and always will prove to be the truth.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita



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