Spiritual Growth or Tolerance?

Dr. Robert Bitzer, mystic and teacher of the Science of Mind and Spirit wrote, “Adjusting yourself to situations over which you have no control does not bring spiritual growth. Such experience would develop tolerance, patience, and forbearance; but it merely accepts the status quo and disallows your opportunity for conscious choice.”

This statement brings up a lot for me in regards to how many of us are responding to the mandates put on us due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Yes, there are situations over which we have no control, but these situations cannot stop our spiritual growth.

As spiritual beings we would never just adjust, develop tolerance, have patience or accept the status quo. We would, instead, use this time to be resourceful, creative and resilient. A practiced spiritual being would understand that the outside experience was calling for a greater inner experience to take place. A practiced spiritual being would turn tolerance into deeper questioning. He/she would turn patience into knowing that something bigger and greater was happening if we would step back far enough.

One of the innate gifts of the Spirit is the gift of volition and choice. This gift is a mental gift. We live in the world, but we know we are not of it. If something needs to change on the outside, we understand that consciousness is the place we start. We could be experiencing the most horrendous illness or tragedy and still we would seek inwardly for the resilience to spring forward from a deeper place. It might take time, it might take mourning and feeling all our feelings, but we would deeply know that the Truth lay there deep within it all and we would have faith in the revealing of that Truth in the perfect time.

I am not tolerant, nor am I patient nor do I practice forbearance about the Coronavirus pandemic. I am not adjusting to the situation, giving away my freedom of choice to develop and deepen my spiritual tools.

This virus will pass. In the Mind of the Divine it doesn’t even exist. It is a virus of consciousness that has taken form. I believe it is here to deepen me, examine my life’s purpose, test my beliefs and much more. I choose to use this time to consciously evolve. As Dr. Bitzer put it, “Nature is directing the evolutionary force to produce the self-conscious individual who takes charge of his or her personal life.”

Nature through each and everyone of us is most definitely asking us to make a conscious choice and to ask the question: “Are we letting outside conditions control us or are we masters of our own minds – our own evolution?”

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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