No More!

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What do I need to know today? I woke this morning thinking about the world and all that is happening. I wondered “what will become of us?” I hear information coming from all directions telling us that this is likely to happen or that will continue. We wonder about the economy? We wonder if we will travel and when? We wonder about our investments. We fret for those who are ill. We think about our own families and those that are close to us. If it hasn’t already, we pray “not me.” We want some sort of control of the outcome of all this. Will the Coronavirus just be a constant companion on earth? Will we be restricted to separating ourselves from each other “six feet apart.” Will we never hug again? The consciousness of a whole world is walking on a tightrope  of indecision.

Wow! You can see what happens when we let our imaginations run wild and always based on what we think we see, real or unreal. We can go down the rabbit hole and never return. We can wait for others that we call authorities decide the outcome for all of us and when it is safe to move ahead. To what…”

I am a spiritual practitioner and I know something else. I have “dedicated my life, my time, my energies, my intelligence – to helping others, through mental and spiritual means and methods.” (Ernest Holmes).

I know that my Word has power. I know when I speak my word and truly believe what I am saying that there is a creative medium, a creative action within me that answers me with a resounding yes, and goes forth to make my word so, guiding my every footstep into action.

I know that we as a species, one person at a time, have the power to decide how we want this pandemic global experience to unfold. We cannot do it by trying to manipulate outside conditions. We cannot do it by physically trying to stop it or trying to change the outcome in form. We can not do it by trying to force others to see things as we do. We are the ones who have to claim what it is we want and then live it now.

What I realized in my meditation is that the Coronavirus will be over when we each decide it is over in our own life. I know for myself that the things that I have given so much importance to in mind have repeated themselves over and over in my life. As an example, yesterday, a friend and I discussed an issue in my personal life that seemed to keep repeating itself, appearing unannounced when I thought it was over. In this discussion what I realized is that thinking something is over is not enough. It is only when we can claim our power in our own mind, and claim what we want that things shift. We are the ones that have to directly, say “no more!” and then turn to what we do want.

Just like the Coronavirus needs a host, a broken immune system in which to grow in, so, do the negative experiences in our life. We are the hosts. We allow them to fester and grow. We have to ask ourselves, “What do I want?” We have to ask ourselves this question until we get a clear picture of what it is even though we don’t see any evidence of it in the world of form. Once we get that clear picture unconditioned by outside appearances, we can then start the creative action of mind to bring this experience to us. The creative action of mind is what I call the Law of my being. It always says yes and if I will get out of its way and instead follow my intuition into action, doors will open and avenues will appear where there were none. I use meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment to work scientifically. Ernest Holmes wrote, “We are practicing scientifically when the mind refuses to see the apparent condition and turns to the Absolute. A scientific treatment cannot be conditioned upon anything that now exists, upon any experience less than perfection. In treatment, we turn entirely away from the relative entirely away from that which appears to be.”  

In Quantum Science, they would call this “becoming no one, no thing, no where.” (Dr. Joe Dispenza) They would call it entering the unlimited Field of unlimited potential.

It is of utmost importance right now for me to stay clear, to claim how I want to live, to be resilient, to stay in love and to not be afraid to say “no more! You do not belong to the experience of living that I want to have.” Then I must turn away and to that which I do want.

You might argue with this point, but if you do, I believe it just means you do not know how powerful you are. This is where your work must begin. You are powerful because you are an incarnation of God Mind, God Consciousness walking on earth. You weren’t left here without tools to travail the earth plane. Your experiences are signals of how you have used your tools consciously or unconsciously.

What are these tools? They are scientific tools, because you can prove that they work. They are your ability to consciously use the Laws of the Universe for the good of your life and this planet’s. If you use them destructively, they will still work, but destructively. The Laws of the Universe are mental, spiritual laws. They are not restricted by outside causes and conditions. They call for faith, trust, clarity, passion, belief, persistence, perseverance, directness, and love. They are guaranteed to work. I know because I have used them and I know many others past and present who use them consciously. This is the time for clarity, decision and for claiming all that is good. 

If you think about it, all the great changes that took place and really think about it, came from those of us who said “No More!” and then planted a vision for the future, who believed in that vision and walked into action.

In Love and Truth,
Rev. Rita


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