Step Back and Step Up

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When my children were young, once in a while they’d have a temper tantrum. Anyone who has experienced a child in tantrum knows how frustrating it can be. I found a remedy that always worked. I’d turn on my little 1980’s tape recorder and tape them. Then immediately, I’d begin to play it back to them. At first my child would look at the recorder and me perplexed. However, pretty soon on every occasion, we’d both be laughing.

As I contemplate why it worked so well, and I surmise that that my child was able to step back as an impartial observer and really hear/see themselves. As they did, everything was put into perspective. What is called the silent observer stands aback of all experience watching the small ego do its dance. Perhaps my little tape-recording experiment catapulted the ego mind of my child to its highest self.

An important part of being a strong leader is the ability to step back so others can step up. It’s not so easy when we feel the need to control everything. I can definitely identify with the faith and trust it takes to let go of control. However, when I do, I am always rewarded by the way that life rises up through others to meet the demand that is put upon it.

I am thinking of this right now in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic. I believe I must step back even further out of the world of conditions, so I can allow Spirit to step up in my life to a greater extent. It is, what I believe, is the only thing that will allow me to come through this time triumphant. I can’t do it from my ego mind that wants to control and know each and every step along the way. I can’t really plan ahead when my plans are based on what I see in front of me.

I must step back out of my ego mind and allow Spirit to step up as my mind. This is my true sight. There is One Mind that is limitless, what we use of it is our demonstration; however, we cannot limit something that is limitless. We can only limit our experience of it. Our ego mind based on the conditional world is limited. These times are calling for me to expand into the Limitless Mind, the Quantum Field of unlimited possibilities.

During this time, am I willing to step back and allow myself to have a greater perspective of the whole thing? Am I allowing Spirit to step up as my life?

Artists understand this concept, as it is part of their craft to every once and while step back in order to get a different view of the work instead of obsessing on one little section of the painting. Standing too close distorts their perception of how the whole painting is working. You can experience this when looking at a painting. Close up you see the singular details and colors put together; step back and you see the wholeness of the work, the intent of the artist.

So, let’s bring this to the current situation we are in. Stepping back might lend us the opportunity to think of the whole thing in a new way and not get stuck in the experience as being who we are. Dr. Robert Bitzer, mystic, teacher and early pioneer of the Science of Mind and Spirit wrote,

“When you want to change a condition or heal an appearance, detach yourself from it. Do not deny it exists. Detach yourself from it. Look at it. It is not any more you than the shirt you wear, or the sickness or financial limitation you might experience. The experience is not you, but there is a relationship between the experience and you. If you believe you are the experience you have no basis for changing it. You are not the experience. You are having the experience.”

In order to change an experience, we must step back and consciously separate from its power. We must, if we are to survive this time emotionally, mentally and spiritually, be able to step back from it and step into our power as Spiritual beings. Divine Principle states, “We are spiritual beings living in a spiritual Universe governed by our use of the Law of Cause and Effect.” We are causing effect at all times, but we are more than the effect. We are Cause.

Dr. Bitzer wrote, “Vision is the most important factor to your progress. It is creative action looking ahead.”

Becoming part of the pandemic as I have seen and witnessed so many doing on Facebook and in the media, is not conducive to healing. If we spend our whole time looking at the problem close up, making up stuff or projecting the worst because we can’t stand not knowing what’s happening next, or because we can’t stand being out of control, or if we are listening to every bit of possible news that comes to our attention, we might not catch the greater vision of what is ours to do right now. We can become so entangled in the experience that we lose sight of our True Creative and Powerful Nature.

I believe something is making itself known in a big way beyond these conditions and fears. Are we just fighting for our mortal life or are we looking to our Spiritual evolution?

The definition of stepping back is to “stop doing something or being actively involved in something for a time in order to think about it and make decisions in a calm and reasonable way.

How about we step back and see ourselves as we really are. This is the you that will transcend this experience because you are spiritually powerful. It is the only you that will be triumphant. Nothing can take hold of a heart and soul that knows its true identity. If we ever needed to know our spiritual power it would be now.

I know that evolution moves forward because of intelligence. As new demands are put upon us as a species, there are parts of our brains that are turned on to meet those demands. They are called discoveries of Principles and Laws that always existed. We are built for this.

Esther Abraham Hicks wrote, “When people thought the world was flat, it wasn’t that their thinking was distorted, (The data that they were collecting gave them that information.) it was that they were not broad sighted enough to step back far enough to see the big picture. And that’s what we see with so many of you: You are so close to the reality that you are creating, that you sometimes can’t see the bigger picture.”

Just like the people of the flat world era, we have created another illusion by living “what we see,” instead of what we know. As we step out of what we see: lack, limitation, illness, etc., and step back to what we truly know: that we are Unlimited Spirit, we will find ourselves transformed. As Jesus stated: “Know ye not that ye are Gods!”

I invite us to step out of race consciousness and claim our true identity. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You are unlimited in consciousness. That is your reality. Step out of the flat world, give up your near-sightedness and put on your spiritual glasses.

As I put on my spiritual glasses, I open my heart, mind, soul and all of me to the magnificence of me and you, to the unlimited me and you. I no longer live the reality. I live the REALITY. I accept my part in God as God. I accept the responsibility. I accept and claim the all-powerful Life, filled with Love, Light and Unlimited Freedom. I have no boundaries. I am free to fly. I am free to soar, because I am grounded in Spirit. And I celebrate my freedom. I celebrate the Unlimited me. I celebrate my new and ever-expanding awareness, my new REALITY. I celebrate God as me.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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