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Yesterday, I took a moment to stop. I shut off my connections to the outside world and went within. The surprising thing is that I had truly not done this during the time of the Coronavirus. Yes, of course I did my meditations and daily treatments, but  I simply took off like a race horse takes off when the gun goes off and the gate is pulled back. My goal: to make sure CSL Kaua`i survives this pandemic and is still here when it’s over.

Yesterday, I took a moment to breathe and assess my six weeks of pushing myself to exhaustion. Not so much physical exhaustion, but mental exhaustion. Here is what I found out. CSL Kaua`i is going to be just fine because I am just fine. I do not need to rush around trying to make things happen. I only need to be myself and channel my energy into where I am guided be. I need to relax, let go, surrender, trust and have faith.

We all have the power to choose what it is we want to be during this pandemic, and as we come out of it. Frankly, I have decided that it is over now. It has no more power over me or CSL Kaua`i. Does this mean that I am going against the government’s rulings. No. That is not what I mean. When I say it is over, I mean that I am not giving it anymore of my mental power. Instead, I am focusing on what I want and how I want to live and be in this world.

Nothing can hold back the Divine idea that I am nor the Divine idea that you are. The virus is running its course and we will forever be changed because of it. I choose to be changed for the better now. I choose to take the gifts of the Spirit of Corona now. I choose to not wait to change, but to grow and expand now. The only way I can do this is to let go of fear and replace my fear with faith.

I have faith in the Power of the Divine that moves through me and all of creation. I know that Power is only good and I know that good is not only coming from this, but is here right now. I choose to live the good now. I  choose to express those things which make me smile and to leave the rest behind.  When I state and claim that I am moving through this pandemic now and that I am not giving it any more of my precious life force, I know I am backed by Infinite Law that says yes to me.

However, it is not enough to say what I do not want. I must state what I do want. I state that I am expressing my Divine gifts right now, those things that make me smile and move me and that I am infinitely supported by the Source of my being. I get out of the way how this plays out, and know that the Infinite Law of the Universe plays it out perfectly for me and the good of the whole.

What I state here is true for all of us. To what are you giving your power? Are you in fear or faith? Do you know what you want? Do you trust in the Power that created the Cosmos and is expressing through you right now? I invite you to answer these questions. This is what I did yesterday and I woke up today all the better for it, ready to surrender, get to work efficiently, to trust and have faith in the fruits of my labor, and to respect and love myself at a deeper level.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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