How Do You Want to Feel?

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Many of us talk about going back to the way things were. I do not think it is possible, nor do I want to. I do want people to be able to work again, support their families, feel the prosperity that is their Divine inheritance, have health and strength. Yes, these things I envision for everyone, but I do not believe that the way we live our lives will continue as it was before COVID 19, nor do I want it to. I desire a more aware and loving earth home, peopled with people practicing self-love, care and kindness.

Do I know what it is going to look like? I have no idea, in the world of form, what it will look like; however, for me, I know what it will feel like. This is, to me, is important. What do I want to feel like? This is a feeling Universe. The Universe does not listen to our words or even see our visions, it responds to how we feel. We are vibratory beings and the way we vibrate is what draws things to us or repels them from us? What do I want to feel like in this new world?

The first feeling that comes to me is Freedom. I feel freedom. What does freedom feel like? To me, it is the urge within me that knows without a shadow of a doubt that I am always at choice. Choice and Freedom are complementary feelings. I am free to choose how I live. I am free to create from my vision. I am free to be my True Self, to express my Divinity. I am free to continue to evolve and expand. These are all ideas and ideas are creative. Now they must be acted upon. I cannot wait until COVID 19 and its world of effects passes away. I must start now.

What do you want to feel? Are you feeling it regardless of your world of conditions? Are you able to stay poised in whatever feeling it is, and begin to walk out into the world from that place now?  I believe if we can do this now, the road will be open for us, regardless of  seeming obstacles. The Law prepares a way for us, as we let go and allow.

I heard a beautiful statement today it was, “get of how-ing and start allowing.” We have no idea how things will transpire in our lives. When we get into how-ing, we put up blocks to the genius of the Universe. The formula for me, if there is a formula, is to feel my greatest emotions as already accomplished and then allow it to be done unto me. As Dr. Joe Dispenza, states, “E-motion is energy in motion.”

This is a Universe of Love and Law. Our job is to Love and the job of the Universe is to bring it forth through Law. This takes practicing the Law of Feeling and Allowing. Every action we take, when coming from this place will increase in significance and power.

I feel it is already an amazing day!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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