Consciousness…Yours Matters

I was deep in meditation today. The question I asked is what is mine to do now during this COVID 19 new world. It is a new world. No matter which way you might try to argue that things will go back to the way they were, I am not focused on that. Whether they do go back or don’t doesn’t matter as much as what is now.

This is where I began to think of my consciousness. In case you wonder what the word “consciousness” means; in regards to what I am writing here,  it is the same as saying “awareness.” You can only truly experience those things of which you are aware. 

What am I aware of and what am I adding to the field of Intelligence, the One Mind in which we all reside? Does my consciousness make a difference? My answer was a resounding yes. I do not have to get anyone to think the way I do or be aware of the world I live in. I am adding to the consciousness of everything just by being me. It is a big responsibility if you really think about it. Your consciousness matters.

There is a statement by Dr. Ernest Holmes, mystic and Father of the Science of Mind and Spirit that says, “”One alone in Consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” If you contemplate this statement, you can decide whether you agree with it or not. I agree with it because I would not want to think that I was reliant on everyone else’s consciousness in order to live the life I choose to live here on planet earth. I believe I start with my consciousness and then I will build a world peopled with the experiences and people that  match that awareness.

I believe we are truly birthing a new way of being. It is the way of Consciousness, which we will truly now plainly see  in form how it shapes our reality. I think if you test this idea by looking around at all the different people you know and how differently they are living during this time, what they expect, whether they are happy or not, what they see and how they envision the future, you will prove for yourself that it is all about consciousness.

Consciousness is not static. It either expands or contracts. It is not limited, but we can limit it. It’s all up to us because we are free.

We make a joke as ministers that the answer to every question that might stump us is: Consciousness. It’s no joke. It’s not an assumption. For me, it the truth and there is no way around it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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