Do the Next Right Thing

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Blind Faith, in the Science of Mind teaching, means to live life with wishful thinking, in a state of hoping. It is about living life without the consciousness recognition that the Universal Law of Cause and Effect is in operation in our life at the level of our individual participation.  A knowing that we are the Universe allows us to live in a higher state of being. In other words, when we know for a certainty that the Power of the Universe is our Power to use, we are then able to operate in our life from a greater capacity to demonstrate those experiences that we so desire.

The question I ask myself today is am I operating by blind faith, just hoping that all is well, that I am healthy, that my family is provided for, that I am making it through this time of uncertainty and change, or am I operating from a place of KNOWING that all is well because my Highest Good is always here?

I do not hope or wish, I stand in the Consciousness that I live in an ever-present unlimited potential backed by Love and moved by Law. Today, I know that for myself and for my brother and sisters around the world.

I know that each person becomes more and more conscious of their innate Power to meet every experience and live as a Divine being. I know that Divine Right Action is always in place, that no one is ever lost, and that life is always eternally unfolding as it should. I know that I am exactly where I need to be right now and that this same freedom belongs to each person.

I know that as I watch the ocean replenish itself, discarding all that is not useful to it and growing new and strong, so do I have this same capacity, so does each and every one of us  We are all in the perfect Divine Process of elimination and assimilation.  Life is our essence and there is no death. Love is our DNA, and I accept this Love as everywhere present in and through each of us everywhere.

Because Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible, I know that Love always wins. There is no other answer and as I look back into the memories of time and space, I see that through it all, this has always been true. Even in death, Love wins because there is only Life.

Watching the Film “Frozen 2” last night, brought a strong message to me. When we feel that all is lost and we do not know what to do, just “do the next right thing.” We all know, as individuals, what that next right thing is. Let us do it today and trust that the Universe is answering “yes.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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