Centering is Real

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Centering is a tool that I use all day long. I have found it useful now more than ever.

As I move from the world of isolation of the Coronavirus and more and more into being with others, I have noticed that a certain race-consciousness has instilled itself upon my mind. Do you understand the power of suggestion? I have experienced it. We are all susceptible to it. I found myself on occasion in public actually feeling something I’ve never felt before – a slight feeling of unhealthfulness around others. This has never been my normal way of being.

Since it is not a state of consciousness that I choose to live in and since I know I have control of my subconscious or inner state of being, I am able to immediately center myself in my Truth. The uneasiness naturally must flee from Truth.

How do you want to live? What do you want to think? How do you envision your world coming out of COVID 19, as more and more of our world is opening up? I am inviting you to choose carefully. I know for myself that what I decide about my state of being is what I will experience.

I choose to stay centered in the One – in my Heart – in my Intuition – where I am open to the Truth about me and my life, where I am always guided and Divinely directed.

Centering is an easy thing to accomplish and everyone has access to this tool. Merely, stop when you are confronted with a feeling that is unsettling. Take a deep breath or two or three and center in your heart space. Actually opening up to gratitude is the quickest way to get there. Then just continue to tell yourself the Truth about yourself – that you are safe, guarded, guided and directed at all time.

This process is quick and foolproof. We get better at it with practice. It is not just reserved for our times of meditation or prayer. It is something that we can use on demand.

Use your meditation time everyday to strength your skills of sitting in your Truth for longer periods of time. Read good material that reaffirms your Truth. Pray in your own way. Journal about how you want your day to be. Then as you move through your day, use the tool of Centering to bring yourself back to your Truth no matter what you are confronting. It works.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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