It’s Here, Heaven on Earth

We have watched the film the Celestine Prophecy twice recently: once at home and last night with a small group at our Center. I am touched be this film. I remember reading the book at the turn of the Century. It did not affect me as deeply then as it does now.

Watching the film, gave me even more clarity about all that is happening right now. It also reminded me of what is mine to do, what is all of ours to do. We must stay focused on the Energy field that connects all things and people, we must trust our inner guidance, we must stop the power struggle within ourselves and with others, and we must begin now to build heaven on earth, as the 9th Insight says, Create heaven on earth. Imagine a world where we’re all connected to the source of our true power, and we’re all filled with love from within. There will be no wars, no greed or hunger, and no conflicts. And the world will live as one, as John Lennon once sang. We’ll be creating and living a heaven on earth. It may seem that we have a long way to go. But we can all start with that small corner of the universe – which is our own life…”

All the indicators, all the mystics, all is pointing to the self – healing our inner wounds and reflecting a whole person out into the world. If we see something in our outer world that we do not like, we must look inward to see where that is reflected within ourselves. Instead of pointing outward, we must reveal the healer within.

We can look out and see that there is a lot wrong in our world or we can look within, find our true purpose for being here and use it for the healing. The more of us that do this, the more light will overtake the darkness. Condemnation and judgment does not help. Jesus was telling true when he said love thy enemies, bless those that curse you. If we have a curse for anyone, we’ve added to the fire.

What can we do instead? We can see it for what it is: “forgive them for they know not what they do.” We can see them in their highest light. This doesn’t mean we do not stand up for justice, but we stand up with love, not hate. We stand up with true Power, not trying to change anyone, but focusing on our unique way of adding love to the situation.

It’s already here. We all know it. We are revealing it, that’s why it can look so dark. We must keep faith, do our part to find our purpose in all this, do not get discouraged, watch our tongues and your minds, trust our intuition, listen to our inner guidance, study, expand, give our gifts,.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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