One Moment In Time at a Time…

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All right everyone, guess what? We do not have to conquer the world or save it either. How about we just focus on saving ourselves, one moment at a time. Really, we do not need saving, but some times is feels that way. We get overwhelmed, stressed out and we worry. We worry about the state of the world. We worry about our financial security or whether or not we will be able to keep our business open or keep our jobs. Maybe, we’ve lost our jobs. There is a lot going on and sometimes it just feels overwhelming. As we now know, stress wreaks havoc on our health. What I know is there is an answer.

This morning I read this beautiful passage from the Science of Mind about the power of our Mind over the conditions of our body. The simplicity of the answer is so obvious. Take it one moment at a time. Dr. Holmes writes, “If one would take time, once a day at least, to let go of all that is not true and lay hold of Reality; let go of doubt, distrust, worry, condemnation and fear, and lay hold of Life in Its expressions of beauty, truth and wholeness, his/her mental congestion would be healed.”

I think some times we believe that it is all or nothing. We stress ourselves just trying to be positive in the midst of all that is occurring. However, if we just promise ourselves a moment, here or there, or even set a timer, on our phone to just breathe and let go of those agonizing thoughts, little by little we would shift our mental patterns. Can we just do it now for a moment? There is so much beauty in the world.

There is a great exercise I learned from a class with Gregg Braden, called attitude breathing. If you are sensing a feeling like apprehension, let’s say, you just ask yourself what is the opposite of apprehension? For me, it is trust. So, you slow your breathing down, close your eyes (if you can) and breathe in trust; and then, breathe out apprehension. Continue until you feel the shift. It works. It’s a great exercise for before sleep, or anytime during the day you are uneasy about something. It only takes a moment.

We have tools of consciousness that are ours to use. We are built for these times we are living in. We are not left here to survive. We are actually built to thrive. If we tune into our true selves, we will find all the tools of consciousness right where we are.

The Power of our mental and emotional reactions to what is happening is key. We have control over that because we are free Spirit with volition and choice at all times. However, I invite us not to try and do it all at once. It can be too overwhelming. Just one moment at a time. And, then, love ourselves for trying and for all that we are during this time of extremes. Peace!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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