Where’s the Joy?

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Have you questioned where the Joy is lately? I have. I am feeling the tug of a world in mourning for what once was. I am feeling the tug of a world in anger and depression. I am feeling the tug of a world of uncertainty and increased fear. It’s perfectly natural given all that has occurred and is occurring. It isn’t just the drastic changes due to the COVID Pandemic. Think of all that led up to this: the ever increasing violence in the way of mass shootings, the wars and the political unrest, the division among ourselves and our many ideologies. Things seem to be getting worse and we are warned that they just might do so.

Where is the Joy? We must find it and cling to it now more than ever. There is Light within each of us that gives us all that we need. First of all, I want to let myself know that this time we are in is not worse than any other time throughout the ages. If we truly examine history, we will see that there has always been violence, there have always been pandemics, there have always been wars and extreme poverty. This time is not worse than any other time.

The difference is that we can see it and hear it more clearly due to the advanced means of communication, media and social media. It’s up in our face and its hard to turn it off. Also, we want to know what’s going on, so as not to feel ignorant. We do not want to live in a bubble. Of course not.

But, still I ask where is the Joy? We have to find it and cling to it more than ever. I believe we are being asked to come forward now as we never have before from the highest consciousness. I believe that we are demanded to go within, remember who we are and step out into the world as beings of Light. We are being called to not just find the joy and cling to it, but to express it so that others can see it. We are all in savior mode right now, beginning with ourselves.

I do this by more meditation, more prayers, more self-love, more expression of what I am passionate about, more service to others, more listening to the light workers everywhere, more reading of inspiration, more quiet time, more openness to my own revelation, etc., etc., etc.

If I find myself feeling that tug into doom and gloom. I allow my feelings and then I remember what the real Truth is. I know that I am Consciousness, I am Energy, I am not a victim, I am a powerful Spiritual Being, intelligent, loving and built for this time. I have an army of cells within me that sustain me everyday. My physical body is a reflection of Divine Intelligence. I have the Intelligence of the Universe to draw upon. I am Spirit and the Divine Love is here always. When I turn to it. It turns to me.

All of this is not just true for me. It is true for everyone. I am so proud of all of us. We are doing the very best we can, and we can continue to do better and better, the more we surrender to what is with what we truly are. There is nothing we cannot do. Love is stronger and Self-Knowledge is the key to the Joy of Being. It’s here in all the rubble falling around us. The call, for me, is to stop trying to put the rubble back together and instead create a new life from the inside out. Joy is here. It never went away. It is the glue for the new world we are building.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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