Self-Realization Now

The mystic, teacher, author and founder of the teaching “The Science of Mind and Spirit, Dr. Ernest Holmes: wrote this: “What the world needs is spiritual conviction, followed by spiritual experience. I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered. It is far easier to teach the Truth than it is to practice It.”

Dr. Holmes wrote this at a time when the world was in turmoil and we were moving into the Great Depression and war. We were in need, according to him, of spiritual conviction followed by spiritual experience. We needed to prove the Principle, not just talk about it.

What is the Principle? It is the knowing that the Spiritual World, the world of Energy, the one Field of Infinite, Unlimited Intelligence and Love, is projecting the world of form. Everything comes from Spirit and this very Spirit is who we are. As we, we think into this Energy Field with the feeling that it is already accomplished, that ripple of awareness is made manifest.

So, it is not enough to know this, we must actually prove this Principle to ourselves. We must engage in the process from a conscious level, from the highest point of view, from the place of pure Source and then walk out into the world in action, feeling as if it is already done.

I can’t think of anything more powerful and more appropriate to assist us at this time, as all consciousness comes together to create the next step. It will be mandatory not to fall into the material world of conditions. We must rise above it and think again and again if needed. This doesn’t mean we do not feel our feelings, but it does mean that we do not succumb to them. It’s okay to be sad. I have a dear friend who is in his transitional process. I am definitely sad. However, I refuse morbidity, and I affirm eternal life and give Spiritual Mind Treatment for faith in trust in the unseen. I consciously bring myself to a state of peace. I don’t leave my meditation until I feel differently.

It’s not enough to say a new world is being birthed. Yes, it is, but it is the one we are creating right now. Dr. Holmes continues in the same reading, “To hold one’s thought steadfastly to the constructive, to that which endures, and to the Truth, may not be easy in a rapidly changing world, but to the one who makes the attempt, much is guaranteed.”

Obviously, we did not sign up for the easy road. We are here and we are here on assignment. We are Powerful and we are truly recognizing this right now. We have something no one can ever take away from us. It is our power to choose how we think. It is our power to respond to the outer from within. It is our power to rise above negative thinking and stay convicted in love. It is our power to take positive action, individually, in small and large ways. The list goes on.

It all comes from one thing and it is what Dr. Holmes calls “The essence of spiritual mind healing… an inner realization of the Presence of Perfection within and around about. … .”

Even in the psychology of Carl Jung, spoke of “Self-realization as the highest potential of psychic life.”  It is truly time to become self-realized and to practice from that place.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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