Who Can I Turn To?

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As we are told that the cases of COVID19 are rising in Hawaii, and peaking all over, as the world continues to churn in violence, political upheaval, and as now the Postal system of the U.S. is experiencing a deep disturbance, I would say that something has to shift. I am demanding it.

This morning I woke up with all of that. I went to the only place I know to turn and that is to Spirit. Some might say that Spirit is not enough, but when they say this I am not sure they know what it means to turn to Spirit. I would say that our government is not enough right now, our way of doing business is not enough, our physical reality of health is not enough, the way people are treating each other is not enough. The reality of how deep we are into the physical reality with no seeming exit is obvious. Spirit has to be enough right now.

I heard it said that the human experiment has failed. It sounded like some alien force put us here to see how we would do with this beautiful blue planet. I’m not sure about that, but perhaps, the human experiment, meaning dealing with life from the material has failed. However, I believe the Spiritual experiment is just beginning.

Jesus spoke about it. “My Kingdom is not of this world,” he said. The government at that time thought he meant to take over the world with this new Kingdom. Of course, they didn’t understand that he was talking about the Spiritual Kingdom. The Spiritual Kingdom never fails. It even overcomes death. So, what exactly does it mean to turn to Spirit and how do we do it? How can it assist us right now? You are Spirit!

It means to jump inward with full faith, trust and surrender. It means to feel our fear and then walk right through it. It means it is time to discover just how powerful we are. Start using your mind looking for light and love everywhere, even in the ugly. It means turning our perspective of how things are to a higher vision and then walking out as if it were true, even when the outer does not show us it is so. It means diving inward and really listening to our intuition. It means believing that guidance is here for each of us. It means to start trusting eternal life. It means to know and call upon the unseen to assist us, to open up to other dimensions of wisdom. It means to rely on the spiritual system that runs our physical body. It really means a complete trust, faith, and surrender to everything we might have previously thought was impossible.

Let us be kind, be loving to ourselves and everyone. A few days ago, I asked my husband upon waking, “What does the world need right now?” I received my answer in this passage by Ernest Holmes, mystic and Founder of Science of Mind and Spirit who wrote, “In conclusion, what the world needs is spiritual conviction, followed by a spiritual experience.”

To be lifted up to a higher consciousness takes more practice, trust and faith than we’ve ever had before. Jesus spoke these words, “Greater things than this shall ye do.” It is time to pull out those greater things and start doing them, living them, being them. I really do not know where else to turn.

With Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i and Spiritual Coach

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