Letting My Aunt Go…

Yesterday, I had the experience of connecting with my Aunt Lucile, one of the most inspirational, protective and loving people in my life. I found that I still held a part of her with me, even though she’s been gone from this life for over ten years. She was a great influence in my life, and it makes sense that her consciousness still abides with me.

Ernest Holmes, mystic and Founder of the Science of Mind and Spirit, poses the question about the afterlife in the Immortality chapter of the “Science of Mind.” He questions whether when we feel we have contacted the Spirit of someone, if it is actually their spirit or if it is our memory of them that lingers with us. I’m of the belief that every person must answer this question for themselves.

I remember when my aunt first past, it was close to Christmas time. I was standing in the kitchen, making Christmas cookies and suddenly and most unexpectedly, I felt this overwhelming sense of love and comfort. I knew it was her. It lingered for a moment and then dissipated, and I went on with my baking; but, I had been changed in that moment. I knew in that moment that something happens when we die, a part of us still lingers here and stays connected to those we leave behind.

In regards to my aunt, yesterday, I found that she was still here, but needed to move on. I was still holding on to her. Perhaps, because I felt the need for protection, the same protection she gave me as a child. Yesterday, it was time to grow up and to know that I am all the protection I could ever desire. I freed my aunt from my consciousness, allowing her to move on. Does it have to be any different after death than in this life when we let go of someone? I don’t think so.

How do I know these things. I feel them. I believe all our loved ones are just a breath away, that the veil is very thin right now. I believe that they want to help us, as they did in life, and that if we need an extra bit of assurance, they are here for us. God is everywhere and in everyone and everything. Each soul is still expanding, growing, and healing.

What does it mean to move on? I think it is about moving on to expansion and letting go of the earth and our need to control people and things, or to make things right that we felt we couldn’t make right when we were alive on earth. Moving on releases all of that to the greater good, it is knowing that we did the best we could possibly do and now it is our turn.

Once a soul moves on, the wonderful thing is that they are still here when we want to talk to them or feel their presence. I have witnessed this with my father and my mother.

I feel at peace today with all of this. I am grateful for our connections to what we call “the other side,” knowing it really is right here and available to us.

Much love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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