I Turn to My Divine Nature

From our Quantum Science teachers we hear a lot about keeping our Immune system strong by letting go of stress, focusing on positivity, improving our diets and exercising. We know we have this army of cells within that are in constant activity with one job and one job only – to keep us healthy. We cannot deny this is true. We have physical evidence if we choose to research this. However, do we trust the evidence totally?

I acknowledge that I am part of race consciousness that doesn’t always hold the same truths that I do about my physical reality. I realize that although I am strong in my faith that there is Good and that my nature is to be healthy, I can still get swept away into the world of doubt. We all live in one Mind and we are always feeling into it and receiving from it.

But, I have a stronger faith, and even when I fall into the abyss of the collective consciousness, I can pull myself up and move myself to a higher level of knowing. It is easier to do this, the more I practice with my spiritual tools, and I read uplifting and positive authors, and then take it all into living. Spiritual Mind Treatment is my go to, and I am always using it to shift the flow of my energy in the direction I choose. I do choose. We can choose how we think about things, but we have to stop looking out and look within. We have to be relentless.

We have a triune Nature. We are Spiritual. We are Mental. We are physical. The Triune Nature works from top to bottom if we want optimal living. We have to create a strong Spiritual reality. This then affects our mental reality and then we see the results in the physical world. This is a constant flowing activity.

In order to work our Spiritual selves we must surrender to what we do not see. Just like we cannot see our immune system, but we know it works for us, so we must trust our Spiritual reality and keep it vibrant. This can only happen through realization. It is a surrender. When Jesus said that in order to have life we had to lose life, this is what he meant. We have to give up our hold on controlling from the physical realm.

When we get in touch with our Divine Nature, that is always here, and allow it to intuit through us, guide us, direct us and protect us, when we trust it, we let go of the horrible mental anguish that causes in fear and doubt. We know that we can handle anything in front of us. We see the gifts and good and opportunities in the physical realm because we are seeing it from a higher place. We unveil the mystery and more is added upon us.

The hardest journey can be the journey to freedom. It is the journey of letting go of control, loosening our grip on the outcomes. Remember that song, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose?” It’s kind of like that. There is nothing left to lose because there was nothing to lose to begin with, only the illusion of the things that have nothing to back them, unless we back them. The world of effects or conditions has nothing to support it, only the mental force we give it.

I invite us to delve deeply into our Divine Nature. Within it, is the power of our immune system, our health, our wealth, our creativity, our relationships to everything, and our ability to direct our life from the highest place.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner, Spiritual Coach

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