Love and Law

Just using this term “All is Love, and yet all is Law,” as spoken by the great mystics is not enough. We can’t just say the words. We really have to sink deep and bring a realization to what this means. We have to consciously practice it, prove it to ourselves. How does Love and Law work and how can we use it right now in this challenging time? The Truth is that we must first accept that we are using it. Things are the way they are because we, Love, are using this infallible Law.

Love and Law stated means that Spirit/Love/Source is all there is, is everywhere present is manifested through each part of creation. Spirit governs through its use of the unfailing Law of Cause and Effect. As we think, so we are. As we reflect our thoughts, impressing this Creative Medium, so it is.

The only way to begin to take dominion of our lives is to practice this Principle, to actually give it our attention consciously. It’s always working, and when we are unconscious of it, life to seems to take us for a ride, we are feeling out of control, and we are aimlessly trying to swim back to a shore that we can’t see.

Is that what is happening right now? It seems that way. However, we can get into the boat that is right here for us and consciously begin to paddle with the greatest Power that is: Love and Law. We must get a clear picture of the shore, let the Love lead us there and trust the Law to find the way. It can move mountains. It can make a way where there is no way. It can raise the dead. It can heal the sick. It can move this world into a higher vibration of Love.

It starts with each of us and it moves through each of us to the level that we can understand accept. Getting understanding is the place to start. How much good can we accept? How willing are we to keep centered and steady and just keep moving with faith? I found this quote by Ernest Holmes from a small book called “Self-Reliance.” It goes like this:

“And let us trust this Divine partnership as we have never trusted anything else. For everything that says, ‘No,’ let us find a ‘Yes.’ And when the thought comes which says, ‘I cannot,’ let’s say, ‘But God can. That within me which is pure Spirit can and will.’ If the thought comes which says, ‘But look at all these obstructions,’ let’s say, ‘God knows no obstruction. The Spirit within me, my real self, knows no obstruction.’ And for every argument that denies you the good you feel belongs to your real self, see to it that you find an affirmation which counteracts it.
You need not be afraid, for faith is in you, a faith which can overcome anything, a conviction which no longer doubts, a feeling which reaches out into the invisible and grasps power in its hands, draws it into your experience and expresses it in your act. And gradually a conviction will come to you which will turn all obstructions into opportunities, all fear into faith, all doubt into certainty.”

Once we truly get this conviction, nothing will be impossible. Love and Law is who we are. It is irrevocable. It is all that we believe it can be. We’ve got this. Let’s really use it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner and Spiritual Coach

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