In Honor of Rev. Terry Taylor

In the early morning hours, today, August 26, one of the most influential and loving persons in my life passed from this earth experience. His name is Rev. Terry Taylor. I met Terry at the NoHo Arts Center for New Thought in North Hollywood over 15 years ago. He came with his beautiful wife, Marilyn to become part of the NoHo family. We went through ministerial class together. He didn’t graduate with the rest of our class, but that didn’t stop him from continuing in his own ministry of being a light in many of our lives. Relentless as he was, he went through the ministerial school process again and got his license several years ago.

His passion was pastoral care and the Law of Tithing. Terry is a generous Spirit, always giving from his supply in all ways. He taught me the Law of Tithing in even a deeper way. He was relentless about tithing. He never minded admonishing someone about how important it was, even if they weren’t ready to hear it. Those of us who know him know what I am talking about. Thank you for that, Terry!

Terry not only was a dear friend and family, he was my example of the Power and Presence of Spirit moving through life in a huge way. He didn’t candy coat life with sweet expressions and patronizing statements. He just told it like it was all the time. He represented the hugeness of life, the expression of how big life here can be.

Although he suffered so much physically on this earth plane, he was relentless in going forward. He and Marilyn came to six of our seven Sacred Journey. On the last one he attended, he was determined to do every thing no matter how hard it was physically. I will never forget how he forged on no matter what. The biggest goal he had was being able to get into the canoe for the closing ceremony. He did it!

I am very sad today, knowing I won’t hear that voice on the other side of the phone, answering with a “Yes, Mam!” or always asking “How are you doing?” I will miss his sometimes forceful ways of letting me know what he thought about this or that or his telling me how he thought I should do something. However, I will remember all those things and give thanks that I could have a person in my life that cared enough about my success, and was always here for me, Patrick and our Center.

Terry loved Kaua`i. Patrick called him his “ocean man.” I don’t know what happens when we die, but I can feel Terry’s presence and I know I always will. I pray for his peaceful, loving journey and I will look for him in the beautiful nature around me that he loved so much.

He is a part of my life that says nothing is every too big to accomplish. Spirit is unlimited. Never give up. Press on and live the biggest life you can. That’s what he did, and so it is with all of us. I love you Rev. Terry! I promise to live BIG.

Love and Aloha!

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director CSL Kauai`i, Practitioner, Spiritual Coach

5 thoughts on “In Honor of Rev. Terry Taylor

  1. Sharing my love from the sweet spot at the end of the bike path – to you, Patrick, Marilyn and all who will miss Terry’s presence on Earth. And of course to Terry on this next phase of his journey. 🙏❤️ Marian

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  2. Sending sincere sympathy, Rita and Patrick. Thank you for sharing the sorrow and gratitude that love and loss weave. After a CSL minister gave me a blank stare (instead of a hug) when I spoke of a precious loss, I’ve wondered if CSL is coldly detached about death. I value your testament that bodies are impermanent but love is not!

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