Where is Your Focus?

“The subjective state of thought is the creative medium within us, which fact psychology has proven beyond any question of doubt.” Ernest Holmes SCIENCE OF MIND 489

This same truth has been spoken through the mouths of all the mystics through the ages. The subconscious is the builder of the body or of our affairs. People often wonder…how do I change my subconscious if I do not know what I am thinking or “what’s in there?” The truth is you do know what’s in there. All you have to do is look at your outer appearances. The world that is reflected back to you is you – is me. It’s the invisible made visible. If we want to change our outer conditions, we must change our inner conviction.

It isn’t about changing other people or trying to control the outside conditions; it is about changing our reactions and how we choose to think about what is happening. Can we see a larger life? Can we conceive things getting better and can we accept more good? Can we release thoughts of evil and foreboding of joy? Can we keep our faith amidst the chaos? Chaos is where all the change is taking place. It’s like we’ve thrown everything up in the air and we are waiting for it all to land. We will all land where we decide to land now. Hold your ground in faith and trust. It’s where our Power is.

“When our thought is turned from limitation to the greater glory, we then reflect that glory.” Ernest Holmes, SCIENCE OF MIND. It’s science. It’s provable. However, we have to consciously turn the wheel of our thought in the direction of our choice. We are in the driver’s seat. The wheel is in our hands. A minister gave this great analogy of the windshield wipers going back and forth during the pouring rain. We are driving. We don’t even see the windshield wipers. Right? Our eye is fixed on the destination and we make it through the storm. If we were looking at the windshield wipers instead of the road in front of us, we’d be blinded. Let us not get distracted by the windshield wipers of life that want to pull our attention. Let us keep our inner eyes fixed on the destination – The Light, the Greater Reality, the Greater Glory.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director of CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner, Spiritual Coach

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