Conscious Healing

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I Am Conscious of my Healing.

I had an experience recently after a Celebration Service at our Center. I was mentally challenged by a person who thought perhaps I needed to go deeper, and that the faith that he followed was far deeper than anything I had experienced up to this point. He even went as far as to call Dr. Ernest Holmes a lightweight and to instruct me to go visit a teacher that he knew that could help me.

In the moment of that conversation that came upon me quite suddenly, I have to say that I was stunned. I think I might have reacted like “a deer in the headlight,” if you know what I mean. I just couldn’t say anything. I just listened. I think I mumbled a few words, but they seemed weak and uninspiring.

Later when I discussed this with my husband, he wondered why I hadn’t said anything, why I just stood there and allowed this seeming negative infiltration into my field. After allowing this to sit with me for a while, here is my answer and here is what I learned.

Whoever is speaking, God is talking. I learned this a long time ago. I fight it, but it’s true. This person had a message for me that I called up for myself, or this experience could never have occurred. It wasn’t about joining his Faith or even learning more about it. It was about me and the part of myself that still needed reassurance that I was enough. It was about the part of me, that small section of my consciousness that still needs the compliment, needs outside verification that I am okay. It all came up for my healing…still.

What I know about this moment and any moment that any of us have that is uncomfortable or disconcerting is that something is coming up to be healed. As we traverse this challenging time in our evolution that is asking a great consciousness from all of us in order to be part of this shift, everything that we ever believed about ourselves is being thrown up in our face to finally be resolved. We do not have the luxury to ignore our wounds any longer. It is time to heal them.

How do we heal them? First by facing them, by owning them, by taking responsibility for their creation. Then by forgiveness of ourselves and all those involved in the manifestation of the experience. Then, by admitting that the Universe is always for us and not against us. Everything, and I mean everything that is occurring is for our evolution. We evolve every time we are challenged and face that challenge with the Power and Presence within us.

We are not Gods in the making, we are Gods in the Awakening. We are waking up to our Truth. Now is our time. This is our position in the Great Awakening of conscious evolution. I invite us all to trust our process in this Awakening, to face our challenges with courage, and to allow ourselves to be lifted up in love. “It is done unto us.” Always remember this. Knowing that it is done unto us allows us to let go and let God manifest as our life now.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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