What Can I Do, When There’s Nothing I Can Do?

For the last few days, I have been holding consciousness for my friends and all those suffering from the effects of the devastating fires on the West Coast. I cannot imagine the fear and loss that is felt by those who are witnessing their families and their own homes and possessions being swallowed up in the flames as they flee for their lives.

As I sit here an ocean away, even now I can get easily swallowed up in the despair that I can feel. It is palpable. Yes, I get calls and requests for prayers, but I can feel it even without the calls, even without looking at the newsfeeds on the Internet. The reason I can feel it is because we all live in one Mind. What happens to one of us happens to all of us. This includes all our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What I know is that I am being called to not get sucked up in the feelings of despair and loss. I can be empathetic, yet strong. I can be compassionate yet turn away from the condition and stand clear and in Truth for those who are deep in the worldly experience. This is my responsibility. This is my way of helping from a distance. This is my way of moving myself into a sense of action, when I feel like I cannot do anything.

I know that affirmative prayer works. It has shifted my life so many times I can’t even number the times. Affirmative prayer is not a beseeching prayer; it is a knowing and feeling and gratitude for the solution already manifested. Right now the best I can do is to feel the quenching rains falling on the parched earth. I can give gratitude for the Divine Guidance that is within each and every person who is seeking refuge and safety. I can give gratitude for the Divine Guidance and support that is present for all those fighting the fires and offering assistance in a multitude of ways. I can affirm that more and more support and assistance is showing up. Since I do not know what is best for everyone involved, I can affirm Divine Right Action for the highest good of all. I can infuse the whole experience with Cosmic, unconditional love.

In the Science of Mind teaching, we affirm or pray without ceasing until we demonstrate. So, this prayer must continue until there is relief in the world of form. This is how we work in the One Mind. When there is nothing else that we feel we can do, we pray. And, our prayers lead us to right action, as we move into action as if our prayers were answered.

I am grateful to share this power of affirmative prayer with you and if it feels good and right, I invite you to join with me in your own individual way. “Where two or more are gathered, there I AM also.” When we all come together to pray, we increase the energy field because it expands our faith.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner and Spiritual Coach

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