All Systems Are Go

The term “All systems are go!” refers to “something that can now begin because all the preliminary requirements have been met. It typically refers to events or activities but may be used to refer to people in some contexts.”

We are experiencing restrictions in our activities, our travel, our ability to do business. I question myself, and I have to wonder if I am still waiting for something outside of myself to let me know that all systems are go, before I can move forward.

Looking back at my life to give me perspective on this, I remember times when I either moved forward or did not move forward with important endeavors. I remember wanting to leave home. I was seventeen. I waited, thinking I would save up enough money and then I would be ready. What’s enough money to a seventeen year-old? Then an event occurred, and I realized that I needed to leave perhaps a little earlier than I expected. All systems were not go, but in the middle of the night, I left. What happened after that night is that everything showed up for me when it was required. People showed up to support me in my decision. I always had enough money. It wasn’t a journey without challenges, but things took care of themselves as long as I stayed positive and sought solutions instead of accepting obstructions.

If I look back on different things I have experienced in my life, like going back to college, moving to Los Angeles, going through a divorce, moving here and starting this Center, I can see that all systems were never go in any of these situations. There was never a time that everything was in place so perfectly that I knew I was ready. I had to move first.

This is the way the Universe works. All systems are always go when we are ready to make the decision to go. We have to take the first step. The Universe takes its signal from us.  Ernest Holmes wrote, this about the Law of our Being, the energy that moves through us, that carries us to our destination. “Therefore our belief sets the limit to our demonstration of a Principle which, of itself, is without limit. It is ready to fill everything, because it is Infinite. So, it is not a question of Its willingness, nor of Its ability. It is entirely a question of our receptivity.”

So, as I look back on my life, I can see three things that have stood in the way of me moving forward. It surely wasn’t the Universe. Either I hadn’t made a true decision, or I did not know what I wanted, or I was just too afraid. Most commonly, it was that I was waiting for something to happen first to give me the okay to move forward. It is good to know yourself because you wouldn’t want to move forward if you didn’t have the belief to back yourself, but still, what will it take to believe?

I am thinking of this in regards to our Center, CSL Kaua`i and its birth and advancement over the last seven years. We have obviously believed in process, and although we have moved quickly in the eyes of many, we have progressed according to our belief. We have always believed that we start where we are and then move as we are, always knowing that we are growing and expanding. If we look at our history, we can see what has taken us to today.

In regards to this present time, these last six months, since our doors were closed on March 15 due to the pandemic, we could have said, we cannot move forward. However, I am proud of us for saying yes to keeping CSL Kaua`i alive, and I am grateful for all the support that has been here to make sure it is still kicking and vibrant. However, Patrick and I had to say yes first. We had to say “all systems are go.” The Universe acted upon our command.

This is how the Principle works in all aspects of our life. It is true for our health. Are we ready to be healthy even when we are suffering or do we give into our conditions so deeply that we feel that there is no way out. Are we focused on living or dying? 

What about our prosperity. We are in the middle of a forty-day meditation based on “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price. Every day we affirm to ourselves that the activity of Spirit within us is our supply. We do not wait for it to show up on the outside. We affirm that it is in the invisible first. We become so relaxed in the knowing that our needs are always met, that we have unkinked our own hose. We have created the receptivity to increase our supply. It is taking a daily affirming of this, a rewiring of our brains, learning to rethink our lives.

Remember that question “What are you waiting for?” What are you waiting for in order to have the greatest most amazing life? If you ask yourself this question and your answer entails anything or anyone on the outside, you’ve got it inside out. There is quote from the Abundance Book that states “The whole Universe is standing on tiptoe watching you, praying that you will let go of the negative appearances of the world of illusion and claim our Divine Heritage. Now is the time. Today is the day. Pass this test and you will never have to go through it again.”

I do believe that the Universe is waiting. I’m not sure it is praying, but I know this, clearly stated by Ernest Holmes, “There is a potential energy always ready to take form. It is ready to become molded into any or all forms. It is unexpressed Power, Substance and Creativeness. It waits to be called into form or expression. A creative universal energy waiting to be used, to be operated upon. Willing, but having no volition of Its own. Ready, but having no initiative. Formless but ready to take form.”

We have everything within us to create the lives of our choosing. We have a complete inner pharmacy. We have heart intelligence that we are just beginning to learn to tap into. We have the Power of our Consciousness to demonstrate just about anything we can truly conceive of being or having. However, we have to become the thing. We have to be willing to see the blessing in everything. We have to know that know matter what is in front of us, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, to evolve. We have to continue to be fearless in testing the Power that lies waiting to be used. We have to be willing to take the chance, to leap when it looks like there is nothing beneath us.

As I continue to see the old world falling away, I know that a new way is being birthed through us. It is the inner world of Consciousness that will be the power that moves us into our rebirth. It is Love that will overcome everything that seems impossible right now. The question is are you ready, because as soon as you are, I know you will be met by a Divine Intelligence that will open up all the avenues, split the veils of eternity and show the way.

As William Sloane Coffin wrote, “ First you leap, and then you grow wings.” Today is the day to begin, to let go of the outer world of conditions, to take a leap in consciousness and dare to believe in yourself, to love yourself, to turn to the Power within you and use it for the highest Good of all. Don’t wait, start something today, ignite your passion, DO IT! All systems are go!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Practitioner and Spiritual Coach.

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