A Causative Energy

I am in deep gratitude for the many souls that showed up yesterday, September 19 to give so abundantly to CSL Kaua`i; and even before that in the planning that made our Telethon Fun-raiser so successful. We have raised over 31,000 dollars in funds for CSL Kaua`i.

It is satisfactory to feel the gratitude for this event. It’s easy in the aftermath of success to feel gratitude and elation. However, this is not what creates our success; nor did it create this one. Success is generated in the gratitude that we feel every day. Gratitude is not a noun; it is a verb. It is a causative energy. It causes all good things to happen and happen again and again.

The monies that flowed into CSL Kaua`i yesterday, I believe, came as an answer to the prosperity consciousness that we have built for the last seven years. It seemed instantaneous, but in the world of time and space, it was a process for me. I’m sure we have just begun again. Although $31000 is a big number, it is just the beginning of a prosperity consciousness that is growing for all of us.

The Truth is instantaneous in its manifestation, but the process of healing to the Truth is the journey for some of us. I remember so many days of lack-ful thinking on my part. I remember times when I was just getting by. I remember times when I could hardly get by. However, one thing always stayed true for me, and that was that I had a Power and Presence within me that I was growing into. My thinking wasn’t always there with it, but I kept working at it. Then one day, it became so clear that I was the Power of Love and Prosperity in my life. I was responsible for everything. I could create my life from the inside out. The Truth in that moment was instantaneous and manifestations took place.

Gratitude was key. I remember little things I would do with my visualizations. I had an empty refrigerator. However, I always pictured it overflowing with food. I gave gratitude for what I had, but kept visualizing this abundant refrigerator. A few days ago, I noticed the refrigerator overflowing and I remember those days long ago. When was the moment that I went from lack to fullness? I don’t remember. Now it seems like it has always been that way.

Gratitude is a causative energy. It’s not about reciting a list of things we are grateful for. The causative energy moves because we are coming from Gratitude for this very moment no matter what is occurring, no matter how empty our refrigerator is.

At this time on our planet when so much is in conflict and turmoil and suffering, I invite us to take this moment to have faith in gratitude and begin to use it. Cast your spell of gratitude over everything. There is a gift in it all. We are waking up to our new selves. I can feel the energy of the many who have passed on to the next plane, moving with us, cheering us on as we stay true to creating Heaven on earth. We have everything it takes to live a life of Gratitude. Gratitude is the energy, as Ernest Holmes put it, that “bespeaks that we are already in heaven.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i, Licensed Minister, Spiritual Coach

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