A Causative Energy

I am in deep gratitude for the many souls that showed up yesterday, September 19 to give so abundantly to CSL Kaua`i; and even before that in the planning that made our Telethon Fun-raiser so successful. We have raised over 31,000 dollars in funds for CSL Kaua`i. It is satisfactory to feel the gratitude for […]

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Give In-To It!

In the Abundance Project, created by John Randolph Price, we are to become aware of the Presence of Spirit or Life Force or our Higher Power as the supply of our life. As we do this, what happens is that we are creating our life from First Cause rather than by a reaction to outside […]

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All Systems Are Go

The term “All systems are go!” refers to “something that can now begin because all the preliminary requirements have been met. It typically refers to events or activities but may be used to refer to people in some contexts.” We are experiencing restrictions in our activities, our travel, our ability to do business. I question […]

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