Getting to Know You

We are in the midst of teaching two Science of Mind classes, which entails reading so much good literature of a spiritual nature. I literally feel filled up with the good stuff. This is important to me as I walk through the 3D world of conditions and during these interesting times. It assists me to know that I am more than the world of appearances, as is everyone with whom I come in contact. Every experience is more than it appears to be.

One of the most wonderful amazing things is that as I get acquainted with myself as a Spiritual being and as I witness our students doing the same thing, it is clear to me that God is getting to know Itself. We delve deep into our psyche, examining our beliefs, investigating our pasts, deciphering what we want to let go of and what we want to keep. We begin to embrace the idea that we might be more powerful than we previously accepted. We have the opportunity to realize and accept the truth that we are all at choice at all times. We have the opportunity to realize that everything starts with a decision. We deeply feel the personal nature of God and the impersonal nature of the Law of Mind in Action or the Law of Cause and Effect.

I am grateful for this opportunity to get to know myself again and to delve even deeper into the truth that I am all God. I am grateful to understand that this time in our history when so many people scream out ideas and encourage us to believe this or that, that there is Divine Intuition that guides my path and yours, if you choose to follow it. I do not have to take any outside idea or opinion without going within and asking myself what is true and what is false. We all have this Wisdom, and I believe deeply that we are being called to trust and have faith in this intuition.

Intuition is not a hunch or a guess. It is the deepest part of ourselves, which is God proclaiming Itself as our life. We know that we know. It never fails us and it is ever available to all. In these tumultuous times, I am grateful that I have intuition. I am grateful to know that there is no answer about my life that is withheld from me. This is also true for you.

It takes practice to trust ourselves because many of us have spent so much time looking to others for reinforcement. It takes a leap of faith to say I know. I don’t know for someone else, but I do know for me. It takes practice. It takes steadily day-by-day going within and getting quiet and just being. God turns to us as we turn to It. As Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote, “It is not just some power; It is ALL POWER.

Have an amazing time getting to know yourself. It is so worth the inward journey. It can get messy and it can be a rough ride and it takes a lot of stripping down of the layers that we’ve built up through a lifetime, but it’s all God getting to know Itself. We can find mentors and friends to ease our journey; but, God will never let us down. It is with us through it all. It is the Power of Love, self Love, the Divine Heart, the way the truth and the Light. It is an ancient challenge written on temple walls: “Know Thyself!” It’s where all the deepest answers lie.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Licensed Minister and Spiritual Coach.

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