Offensive or Defensive?

Do you live an offensive or defensive life? Do you spend your time defending what you are doing? Do you second guess your decisions? Do you defend your decisions to yourself and others or do you move through life with determination and conviction?

I don’t know a lot about football, but I do know there is the offense and the defense. I know there is a lot more to it, but I’ll simplify it for the sake of this blog. The offense keeps its attention on getting the ball to the goal and the defense makes sure the opposite team stays out of the way.

I can see how this relates to life and our goals and dreams. If we live in either of these extreme states of mind, we are either spending our time focused on positive thinking, visioning and working toward those visions or we are defending to ourselves and others why we want what we want and possibly sabotaging our efforts every step of the way.

I can also see that having both states of mind can be helpful. If we are offensive creators, we are focused and directed. The only defense we might practice is denying and negating any beliefs or thoughts that stand in the way of those goals. Just like the defense in football, it takes a lot of strength and attention to do this.

I believe we have a team within us that works together at all times for our highest good. It is run by our Consciousness. It is both offensive and defensive. For example, keeping a healthy immune system takes offensive and defensive thinking and practice. Being positive is more than just thinking positive thoughts; it is negating any beliefs that stand in the way of love. It is taking action based on those beliefs.

Truly, we have everything we require to live a powerful, health-filled, resilient and love-centered life. No matter what is happening in the outside world, our inner love army is always making sure we have every answer we require, have the inner strength to endure dark times, and an immune system that is strong, provided we nurture and nourish it. That nourishment includes both spiritual practice and good nutrition.

As we live through these more than interesting times, I invite us to call up our whole team – the offensive, the defensive, and let the only goal line be love. As the many systems and strategies fall away, as the world is coming to realize that what never worked is never going to work, we must give birth to those new strategies to create a world that works for everyone for the highest good.

It takes lots of practice and it isn’t easy to produce a winning team in football. Likewise, living the spiritual life is not for the weak of heart. If we are here on earth, I believe there is something very special that is ours to be and do. Our own spiritual evolution is the world’s evolution. We do not have to defend whatever that is. We just need to focus our attention on it and put it into action to bring peace to the earth plane.

In Love and Light,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Licensed Minister, Spiritual Coach

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