The Abundance Prayer

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This morning I experienced an abundance meditation and Ernest Holmes’ Abundance Prayer on page 264 of the Science of Mind. At this time of the year: the Holidays – and at this time in our world when so many are focused on their ability to provide, when many have lost jobs, or paychecks have been cut back, it might be a good time to focus on Abundance.

The beautiful thing about Abundance is that it has nothing to do with what is in your bank account. Abundance is the belief in the Energy and Substance of Source/God is that is always moving through us. Once we open up to recognize It as our Source, it releases the stranglehold we have on focusing outward and waiting for our abundance to show up. We realize that Abundance is an inside job.

If it seems abstract or if it seems like it is just a nice idea, I invite you to try it for forty days ideally. If you earnestly apply yourself, the results are immediate. There is a book called “The Abundance Project” by John Randolph Price that is foolproof. A daily meditation for even ten minutes focused on your inward Infinite Supply brings forward changes immediately.

Why is all this so? Well, it is scientific. As you change your beliefs, your thoughts change because your brain changes. You are literally rewiring old thought habits with new ones. Your energy changes, and what you attract to yourself changes.

Here is a simple Abundance Prayer. Sit quietly, slow your breath down and focus in your heart space:

There is only one Spirit, one Energy, one Source. It is Spiritual Substance always taking form as supply as my life. All that I experience is flowing from this Infinite Substance that flows within me and must take form. I trust this ever present activity within me and know that everything in my life is led by Divine Right Action. I know what to do in every moment, I am guided and directed by Source into Right Action at all times. I attract continuous support and love and supply. Abundance is mine because I am Abundance. I experience a life of Abundance right here and now. I am ever grateful for what is already present, knowing that right in this moment it is already expanding as my forever supply. My Word is Law and is fulfilled. I open up and allow all to flow to me and through me for the highest Good of all. I release this Word of Abundance into the Universal Flow as Law. And So It is.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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