Free to Believe

I had one of my recurring dreams last night. I haven’t had it in a long time. It goes like this, I am being chased in a threatening way by someone and I hide out in my childhood friend’s maid’s quarters in a special room that no one knows about. In the dream, it usually takes me some time to get to the safe place, but I make it in time and sometimes I don’t.

In the case of the dream I had last night, I was being pursued by someone who wanted to capture me in regards to some freedom that was being taken away from me. I finally made it to my friend’s special hiding place, but someone was already staying there. My answer was to not worry. I would continue to do what I needed to do freely and if I got caught it was okay with me. My freedom was more important. I wasn’t afraid and I recalled that the last time, even when I hid out, I was caught anyway.

What an Anne Frank feeling this dream had and it made me think about life right now. In many ways I have not felt free at our Center and in life due to the Pandemic. We’ve had lots of rules and restrictions that have made it hard to keep our Center going. And yet, I know CSL Kaua`i is important and that spiritual nourishment is necessary, so we continue to find ways to make it all work for the highest good of all.

It is not easy to exercise our free will when we feel that outside circumstances control us, but this is a fallacy. Absolutely nothing can take our freedom to choose how we will respond and think about anything. We are always free because we are at choice. In this case, I am free to choose to know that CSL Kaua`i will continue to prosper and grow in spite of outside circumstances. I am free to trust the guidance I receive about running the Center and the choices we make. I am free to know that as I do all that I can to respond to the restrictions we are living with right now, that there is a Power greater than all of it that keeps us safe, guarded, guided and protected. In essence, beyond it all, we are and always will be perfect health.

Spiritual nourishment and spiritual empowerment is integral to the survival of our species right now. We must rely on our intuition and our inner Power to keep our immune systems strong and vibrant. This is not just a physical response; it is more importantly a spiritual and mental response. We cannot have health if we continue to live in fear and stress.

Dis-ease is a part of our belief system right now and very real in our world, but it is an effect. An effect can be changed, but it must be changed from the level of a different consciousness. We cannot change effects from the same consciousness that keeps them in place.

I read, I study, and look at all sides of an argument, and then I make my own decision of what is best for me. It is based in what feels right and true in my heart space aligned with what is logical. Is it all good for the Whole. We are Infinite Intelligence with the ability to decide what is right for ourselves and to be supported in those decisions by the Power that runs through us. Not all of us believe this, and that’s okay. As I said at the beginning of this, we are free to choose how we respond and believe about everything. Whatever belief system brings us peace of mind, health and abundance and serves the greater good is a good one. We are not meant to suffer, strain and live in fear. When we ask ourselves what do we believe, we should be very honest and forthcoming with ourselves, for it is as we believe that we experience life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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