Discover Yourself

In the Science of Mind teaching, it is stated that “we are left alone to discover ourselves.” In this statement, Ernest Holmes (author, mystic and founder of the Science of Mind) is letting us know that the spiritual evolution of humanity is a discovery of Universal Laws that already exist. We do not create these Laws any more than we created the Law of Gravity or Electricity. As we discover how to use these laws they become a benefit to us. If we use them against ourselves or others, we are guaranteed to destroy ourselves. We’ve seen this played out throughout history.

The Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect is the Law of the Universe. I see it play out in my life and the life of others. There is no denying that what we put out mentally, comes back to us as our life. This can be a blessing or a blessing, even thought it might feel like a curse. I do not believe in evil. I believe that everything that happens in my life is for my discovery of my true self. Everything is calling me home.

To go back to this idea of being “left alone to discover ourselves,” while I was meditating today, I heard my inner voice say, “I am Source’s loving creation moving through time and space with all the tools that I require to live the life that I desire.” We are on the path of evolution through discovery with all the tools to bring forth our highest and greatest expression here on earth.

No matter what we are experiencing, when we reach within to Source, it moves through us to meet those experiences. It is not relegated to what’s happening in the objective world. It is always pure Intelligence and Love ready to intuit through us. It is a eternal activity that is always working. but still awaits our recognition of It so we can truly enjoy the activity.

What are these tools? I believe in the Power of Intention fueled by feelings and belief in a Field of unlimited energy that responds to us. It can work through anything, it can change the course of our lives, it can carry our dreams into fruition, it can bring us all that we desire.

I invite us all to trust this Power. I invite us to stay strong and persistent in working with with this Power for Good. I invite us to surrender to the unlimited Field of Energy, to trust ourselves to use it wisely and with love. I invite us to practice, practice, practice and make all our dreams come true. As Napoleon Hill and many other great spiritual teachers have stated in various ways, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” 

So, it’s up to us to use our minds (consciousness) for our good. As we create our good with love, the whole world benefits. It is a Law of Cooperation that includes everyone because we need each other to truly live the life our dreams. God shows up in all of us, and each of us benefits as each person is successful. We are sharing this planet. We are sharing this time and space. We are showing up with just the right stuff and meeting ourselves in everyone everyday.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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