Using Intuition through Challenging Times

Things do not seem to be working very well right now, as we wait to see what the “new normal” will be. I have had more conversations with people lately who seem scared and uncertain about their future. People often come up to me and ask me if “I hug.” I am sixty-eight years old, and I never ever imagined that I would be asked that question for the reasons it is asked today. Why would I be afraid to hug you? The reason, under the surface, is because you think that I might think that you will make me sick.

Families have been kept apart even at the most crucial time of transition for this reason. Yesterday, while I was meeting with a friend outside at the hospital, a young girl told me of her grandmother who was ready to transition and how she, her granddaughter, was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to be with her, because only one person was allowed in the hospital room at a time. Do you remember the day when families stood around their dying family members to witness this important moment? Something is not right.

I understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic and that people are dying. What I don’t understand is how the fear of dying could hold back our deep necessity as human beings to touch, hold and to be together. Something is not right. When someone asks me if I have been vaccinated before I am allowed to come to their house party, I say something is not right. What I do with my body is my personal freedom. I am a logical person. I am an intelligent person. You are an intelligent person. You are a logical person. I invite us to make decisions based on the deep well of our intuition and not on an ever-changing reality, a shifting sand of opinion. I could give many examples of the illogical nature of this reality, but I’d like to switch gears and talk about how I deal with all of these challenges.

I live a spirituality that is deeply engrained in my consciousness after over twenty years of practice and education. This spirituality is scientific in that I know it is true for me because I prove it. It tells me that I live in a Field of unlimited possibilities and that everything is potential in that Field. It is done unto me as I believe, and what I focus on with feeling and passion manifests. I am in charge of my reality and my reality presents itself to me through my beliefs and perceptions. I could be in the same experience as you and perceive it totally different, creating a totally different experience. You might be having a nightmare of an experience, while I am calm and at peace, or vice versa.

So, in regards to the world right now, I know that I get to experience it through my own beliefs and perceptions. I get to turn tragedy into wisdom and anger into a call for love. I am free because I am a spontaneous expression of a Something so far greater than what is in the world. In fact, everything in the world comes from this far greater Source as we are all entangled and expressing in a multitude of ways. I trust that the Universe is a caring Universe. I trust that when I look at someone I am looking at a healthy person, unless something tells me otherwise, in which case, I am still looking at a healthy person on the spiritual level.

What does it mean when I say “spiritual?” It means that I trust the invisible essence of things and understand that everything begins in the invisible. There is an Energy from which we all come that has never been touched by experience and is ever-changing, recreating Itself and is always moving toward wholeness.

So, how do I maneuver through these challenging times. Firstly, I understand that love is the strongest energy that there is. I do my best to stay in a consciousness of love. When I find myself, sinking into the rabbit hole of fear, I pull myself out by centering and refocusing my energy. I know that I am always at choice to do this. I also have others that can help me when I can’t refocus. I have like-minded people who will throw me a rope of Truth and I them when needed. I remember that the doings of the world right now are created by consciousness. What a thought has done, a thought can undo. I trust this theory because I have proven it and knows that it works. I also live my life trusting in the Power of the Universe as Wholeness. I understand that the Universe moves as Life, not death. Even in death, there is Life. We live in a living breathing Universe and It lives within me and within you.

My prayer (which is a moving of energy, of thought) for this time on earth is that more and more people will catch the recognition of their own Spiritual superpowers – intuition, choice, decision, faith, and most of all Love. “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep in irresistible.”

Nothing can overcome Love, not COVID19, not fear, doubt or lack. Love heals all. If I pray for anything, it is that we will be kind to each other and see the highest and best in all of creation. That oneness and unity will prevail. That we will gain wisdom from the current challenge, a wisdom that will catapult us into a consciousness upgrade that will transform this planet and heal it from separation. It all begins with me and with you.


Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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