It’s a New Day

It’s the night before Easter and the ending of Passover. I am here with a lot of thoughts of what Easter and Passover mean to me as a New Thought Minister and evolving Spiritual Journeyer. I am not Christian, but I do love and honor the Master Jesus, the Christ. I believe he was the embodiment of Christ Consciousness. I also believe that he specifically wanted us to follow his example. What was this example? From what I read and intuit, it is to love one another. It is also to come to know that we are God and that the Power and Presence of God works through us. I believe that we are capable of all that Jesus accomplished, but only as we come to truly know ourselves, our True Powerful selves. As we embrace the God in us, we can do anything. If Jesus died for anything, it was for the Truth that he stood for. It was threatening to the powers at be at that time.

So, when I celebrate Easter, I celebrate the birth of my True self, the rising of my consciousness, the giving up of the old and not useful – fear, doubt, lack, anger… . The only other word I have for Truth is unconditional love. I know that if we practice this kind of love, the troubles of the world will melt away.

I also know that it is my perception of what is that changes me and my circumstances. I can look at everything as a tragedy or as a miracle. I can come to accept that life changes and that this means that there will be good-byes and hellos as I move through life as a soul on its way back to oneness. I understand that nothing is permanent and that all is meant for our evolution. I am up for anything placed before me for I have the spiritual tools, innate qualities of resilience, wisdom, intuition and so much more. It’s a tool chest that expands as we are confronted with life. It’s all here for us.

I heard a talk this morning by Bro. Ishmael from Ghana. He said something that struck me. He said that we must accept that this is a “caring Universe.” He mentioned all the reasons this was true, from a mother caring for her child even doing tasks like changing diapers with a smile, to the cat that greets us pressing up against us and welcoming us home. It is a caring Universe. He repeated this so many times with so many reasons that I got it. Try repeating “It’s a caring Universe…” and bring to mind the many reasons why. You will be changed.

When I think this way, everything is new. I am comforted because I know that the Universe has my back no matter what. I am resurrected to a higher state of consciousness. I, like the Jews am liberated from the slavery of negative thinking that holds me in place in limitation and morbidity.

I’ve lost a lot of people that I love over the last couple of years. It is unbelievable in some ways how many have gone out of this world. However, I can choose how I think about this. If it is a caring Universe, then I have to see this as a loving change. I have to know that I am comforted and can find comfort in spite of my loss. I have to know that my loved ones are safe and are right here.

There is a quote by Nona Brooks, the 19th Century healer and mystic that goes like this: “It is by the process of resurrection that we rise out of the contemplation of that which is hidden, the mysteries as we have called these, into the full light where everything is made clear. There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed to the one who sees the unity of life. We are rising into recognition of the glory process, when we stand before a blade of grass and see that even this is wonderful.”

On this Easter Sunday and on this last day of Passover, my prayer is that the clarity that is required to move through this challenging time on earth will be embraced by more and more of us. My prayer is that the fear that seems to shroud the joy of life will fall away into the abyss and that the Light will shine. I know that I am responsible for this clarity and to be this Light, that it is a singular journey that affects the whole. If I truly see the Unity of Life, I will see that every stone matters, every word I speak matters, every blade of grass is wonderful. It will be a new day for no other reason then because I am new.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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