Getting to Know Me

“You are not just in the Universe; the Universe lives in you.” I heard these words by mystic, philosopher and author, Jean Huston, as I embarked on her course this morning, “Using Your Quantum Powers.” We know enough now, scientifically speaking, that give us the understanding that we are entangled in a Unified Field that responds to our perceptions and observations. The philosophy that states that we create our reality, moves past fiction and into the realm of unlimited possibilities and pure potentiality.

I can see how the reality I live is different than that of my family, for example. I just don’t play by the same rules. One is not bad or good; it is just different. I can see this same principle at work in the experience of COVID19. We are all experiencing it differently. One is not bad and the other good, it is just our own perception and beliefs that creates how we experience it.

When we meet someone new, we usually ask a series of questions. I am being inspired to get to know myself in a new way every day. I ask who am I? I am a human playing in a 3-D world, but I am also a Quantum being playing in an infinite field. What does this mean and how does this impact my life? If I want to change my financial situation for example, I can plan and balance my check book, start a savings account, invest in stocks and other possibilities. However, there is another field of creation that influences all of those possibilities. It is my belief, my ability to imagine, my faith in myself and my intelligence, my ability to attract others that can guide me, etc. All of this comes from the invisible. Just staring at the world of form and manipulating it physically based on past statistics and future predictions without my intuition and use of imagination and will is limited. My Quantum self has no limits. It is working with unformed substance and realizes that it is my beliefs that set the limit to what I can create.

Firstly, I need to step out of my old beliefs. I love the term “mental hygiene.” Jean Houston uses it as another way of saying, clean out your mental closet. We all have beliefs and it is a good thing to acknowledge those beliefs. You’ll know what you believe by looking at your life and your experiences. We attract that to which we are equal. If we want an upgrade in our life, we have to be willing to replace those beliefs with new ones.

Ernest Holmes, author and Founder of Religious Science once wrote that the first thing we needed to get when getting anything is “understanding.” What do we believe about the Laws of the Universe? Do we understand them and trust them? Are we will to experiment with the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Mental Equivalents, or the Law of Correspondence? Can we experiment with the idea of “so above, so below,” or so within, so without?” Beginning where we are, we must come to understand ourselves working in relation to these laws.

Can we accept that there is more than we see in front of us? Can we admit that perhaps we do not know anything and open up to know something new? Can we get to know our true selves by being willing to meet ourselves in meditation and then take our discoveries out into the world and prove them? Can we accept that we might just be bigger and greater and more expansive than we ever imagined?

In the early 20th Century and late 19th Century, something happened that was quite amazing. At a time, when we relied on spiritual authority outside of ourselves to tell us what was right for us, the old ancient thoughts that were once known on earth began to be reborn through what we call the Transcendental movement and the New Thought Movement. Not everyone, but there was a definite surge of longing to know more. We realized we could heal our bodies. We explored the idea that perhaps we were our own authority and didn’t need an outside force to tell us what to believe. We began to realize that God or the Universe was within us, and we needed no mediator to process the truths of the Universe.

At the same time, science was making new discoveries. There was a growing investigation into invisible theories about our minds, our brains and our very cells. Magic was being born on earth after a long dreadful time of believing we were finite and predetermined beings moved around like chess pieces by some greater Power.

Now at this time on earth, these discoveries of inner power are accelerating. It is time to really get to know ourselves, our true selves. The whole universe lies within us with all the answers to everything we would ever need to know, even if we were to never pick up another book. I happen to love learning, exploring, reading and listening to new people and philosophies, but in reality, the true Reality with a capital R. if I was stranded somewhere with no books, internet or another soul, everything is within me for the answer to everything.

So, let me introduce you to myself. I am consciousness. I am just beginning to learn what that means. I am capable of manifesting the life I desire in whatever way I choose. There are no limits. I can co-create in the Quantum field by expanding my consciousness and recognizing my true identity.

Why am I here to do that? I believe it is because by doing so, I am serving the world and my co-inhabitants and aiding in conscious evolution. I am here to create a more loving and infinite planet, by recognizing my own loving, infinite, cosmic nature. I am here to release limitations and become unbounded. I am here to bridge this life to the next and the next and to realize that the only time, is the present. I am here to live in time and space as a 5th dimensional being, so I can play in time and space instead of letting it dictate to me what I am.

You are all the things that I am, and have available to you all the wisdom and power of the Universe. It is written in your cells, implanted in your DNA. As Carl Sagan once wrote, “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.  The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

Love and Light,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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