Before You Call, I Will Answer

Kelly Stevenson passed from this world earlier this week. Many of us called him “Love Brother,” and I was one of those fortunate enough to know him in that way. I miss him deeply; and yet, I know he is right here.

For those of you who do not know him, Kelly was always comfortable walking the realms of both earth and spirit. He brought messages of the Spirit into our conversations, and those messages were always loving, edifying, and encouraging; and gave me much faith in what was to come after this life.

We first met Kelly at our newly created Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i in 2013. My earliest recollections are of him driving up on his little scooter and just getting to work. “What do you need?” was his question, and he was ready to fulfill whatever that answer was. The reason I titled this tribute to Kelly “Before You Call, I will Answer,” is because that’s the way it was with him. We never had to call, he just would show up whenever he sensed that there was a need for him to be there; and it was always to give his support – physical and spiritual. Sometimes, he would just sense that we needed a positive anchor in our room on a Sunday. We would find him clearing the space with his singing bowl, and then, during the service, just sitting quietly unnoticed in the back of the room with his eyes closed.

Kelly was and is Love, and he always showed up as Love. When he met his beautiful beloved Jeannette, his life was truly anchored even more deeply in that Love. What they both gave to Patrick and I were true friends, those kind that you don’t see all the time, but you know that they are always watching out for you and over you with love.

Kelly’s life was one of service and he traveled many paths on this earth. From sitting with Kings to being what he called “Home Free,” he lived life to the fullest, giving of his spirit and physical energy wherever he found himself.

I feel both a great joy for his passing and a deep grief at the same time. I feel his free Spirit and I grieve the deep and fun times we had in this physical realm. I will always remember going to Polihale with Jeannette and him on a three day camping trip. They went out into that crashing ocean together, as Patrick and I watched from the shore. One day they just disappeared. We feared they were lost, and began to pray. Moments later, we saw them walking from a far distance toward us. They had been swept with the tides, but Kelly knew just what to do and he taught Jeannette to do it. It was to relax into the ocean current without fear and allow life to unfold. “You’ll know what to do, if you just relax, get quiet and listen.” That is the way he lived life.

A hui hou, my love brother. I know in my deepest place that you are soaring in the outer realms right now. I heard you the other day on my walk as clear as can be, “Bitchen'” you screamed loudly in my ear. This is what you always said when you were really having a good time. I took it as a sign that this was the truth now. You are having a really good time.

My love for you and Jeannette is eternal. Patrick and I are always here for you both, and before you call, we will answer with the same love and spirit that you taught to us.

Love and Aloha,

Love Sister Rita

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