My Sacred COVID19 Journey – Day 9

It’s Sunday and I am not going to the Center today. One more day of quarantine for me. How do I feel? Fine. I think staying home is finally getting to me, though. I’ve felt pretty calm up to this point. Thank goodness I like being home. I’m used to working from home. However, right now, I’ve had just about enough. I’m ready to go back into the world, and we leave for the Mainland in three days. Yes, we are going to the Mainland. I cannot wait to see my family, who anxiously awaits our arrival to celebrate our oldest granddaughter’s graduation from college. Life goes on within COVID19. I am inspired by all the living that is going on.

This is what I am feeling today. We must continue to envision our lives beyond this. We are not going to go back to the way things are. I believe a new world is being born. I believe it more than ever now. As I listen to others speak about the “virus” and things getting worse, still, I shut it off. If it is true, then we still have to live and love and laugh and have dreams and work and play and travel, etc., etc., etc.

We saw a beautiful movie many months ago about a Buddhist leader who was supposed to be dying from cancer. It was called “My Reincarnation.” The Buddhist leader came to the realization that he was focusing on dying instead of living. He began to focus on living and appreciating all that he had and loving the people around him. His cancer went away.

What is illness anyway? It is an experience in the world of form – the relative world. It has no power other than the power and focus we give it. As we live through the second year of experiencing this dis-ease, for me, it is time trust my intuition more than ever, to listen to what I have to say, to keep going back to the truth that God is greater than this. God is in this with us, as us and through us. There is nothing to fear. We all have powerful contributions to make to our new world.

I hear of many falling into the trap of blame and taking sides and being obstinate. Just check in with what you are being obstinate about. If it’s happening, there is a message for all of us and it is about ourselves. Our perceptions are everything. Dr. Bruce Lipton wrote a lot about perceptions. He said this, “The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” My chemistry is definitely needing re-writing all the time.

I invite us all to check in with ourselves about how we are perceiving all of us, and to do it with honesty. I invite us to give ourselves lots of positive feedback, and to love each other more than ever despite our difference of opinion. I invite us to find our place of contribution in this new order of life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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