How to Think…

In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we do not teach people what to think, we teach them how to think. There is a big difference between the word how and what. One is dogmatic and one is freedom.

For example I will use my experience during the past two weeks of testing positive for COVID19. How did I get through it by thinking from a place of healing. I let my thoughts of healing be the prevalent consciousness. I trusted that my body was responding to the knowing of my natural state of wholeness and health. I didn’t think specific things or ways of getting better. I let intuition be my guide. I let what I believe to be the perfection of the healing process to run its course. It is always led by Love.

The Science of Mind is a philosophy of freedom. We know we are free to choose how we live our life. We know that we are not being punished by an outside Power, but that as we make choices we either benefit or suffer from the consequences of those choices. It’s called Cause and Effect. The Law of Mind in Action is a Law of Liberty but not of license. We don’t just get to do whatever we want. We have to answer to our choices. We also know that we are always causing effect and that we can change our circumstances by changing the Cause. Because, we are the Cause, we have the freedom to change that Cause anytime, we decide to do so. The only way to change Cause is to change our beliefs and perceptions about what is occurring in our lives.

The Science of Mind and Spirit is what I consider a beautiful philosophy that teaches oneness and Love. It stays out of people’s lives and their choices and merely creates an open space for healing and expansion. It leads people back to themselves and their Divinity. It gives us a way to deal with the challenges of living this earthly life by realizing that Spirit is the beginning of everything. Spirit or God or Source is more Powerful than anything else. It is Love and no matter what, there is nothing more powerful than Love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

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