Surrender to the Conspiracy

“The Universe is always conspiring in my favor.” I have lived by this affirmation on most occasions. Recently, it has come forth to the front of my mind. I must believe that the Universe is always conspiring in my favor. If this is the case, then everything that is happening is always for my highest good. I need to get with the conspiracy and surrender to it. What does this look like?

Everyone has steps, and so do I. How do I surrender when everything within me wants to hold on to the things I am trying to manifest or to the outcomes I so want to see?

Step 1 – Instead of asking for things, set an intention to be happy.

Step 2 – Let Go of what you think you need and give in to your highest good.

Step 3 – Take inventory of what you have. This is about looking at what is, and how blessed you are. It means stop focusing on what you do not have. Gratitude is included in this step, not complacency.

Step 4 – Listen to the Voice of the Universe. It is leaving you signs all over the place. These signs are direction signals.

Step 5 – Take the first step without seeing the staircase. Every day, ask yourself what step you can take today, no matter how small. Action is of the essence.

Step 6 – Keep surrendering through every obstacle. Obstacles are not negative responses from the Universe; they are detours in the right direction.

Step 7 – Trust the limitlessness of the Universe. You are not bound. You are free.

Step 8 – Never give up, but do give in. In other words, give inward attention every day.

Step 9 – Care for yourself. Care for others. Love and forgive others and yourself unconditionally.

Step 10 – Pray unceasingly. Every moment of every day, stay focused on the Truth. What is the Truth? The Universe is always conspiring for my highest good. I experience it everywhere and all the time.

Have fun surrendering to the conspiracy!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i

2 thoughts on “Surrender to the Conspiracy

  1. Love these 10 guidelines! The Bank of God is boundless, and our withdrawals our infinite. Just ask and Know that you shall receive ❤️


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