What is Mine to Do in 2022?

What is mine to do in 2022? This is the question I ask to myself this morning. I think it is a good question for all of us to ask of ourselves. So many times, we jump into the world of conditions trying to fix things that are beyond our scope of responsibility; when all the time if we would just, as Mother Therese put it, “Grow where we are planted,” we would add our greatest selves to the world.

So, what is mine to do in 2022. I am reflecting upon my ministry and the ways in which I would like to serve. I am reflecting upon my many gifts that I have to offer and that give me much joy. Yes, what is mine to do does not include things that create stress and confusion in my life. I resonate with peace. No matter the challenge, I must approach it in a balanced and peaceful way.

What is mine to do in 2022? I ask to be placed where I am the most useful. The term, “Use me, God,” might seem dualistic to a New Thought minister such as myself, but I translate it to mean, “I am surrendering to the highest part of myself; therefore, I am clear on the best use of me.”

What is yours to do in 2022? Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

1 What brings me joy?

2 Am I following the path of least resistance?

3 What are my gifts?

4 Am I invited or am I forcing my way into any given situation?

5 What do I stand for, not against?

6 Am I practicing compassion? To me, this means that I am unconditionally loving, without being sympathetic or feeling sorry for someone.

7 Have I cleaned out my own mental closet, instead of trying to clean out someone else’s?

You might add more to this list. As I ask myself these questions and more, I am getting clearer on the idea of doing less and being more. There is a difference.

Happy New Year Everyone! I am grateful to be in it with you.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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