My Hero’s Journey – Part 4

Today, as I continue to process my healing, I meditated to soft retinal repair music. Yes, there is such a thing. I wanted a break from my guided meditations. I wanted to just sit and focus on my inner self with no outside voice telling me what to do next. It was a peaceful and gratifying meditation. My message was “You are already healed. The bubble in your eye is just there as a reminder of the lessons; however, you are already healed.”

Since, I have been a bit impatient to get back to my life, this was a good message. It signified that I must let go and know. I must listen to my inner promptings to rest and take life a bit more easily with trust and faith in my healing and trust and faith that I am fully supported.

One of the deepest messages of this journey has been my need to let go of the tedious, monotonous things that I obsess about while running CSL Kaua`i. I have a deeper calling that I do not want to ignore any more. I feel able to accept my good. That calling includes all the beautiful talents I possess and the journey of sharing them with the world. These talents include my writing ability, my singing voice, my ability to talk and share myself, my ability to support people through spiritual coaching and Spiritual Mind Treatment, my love of teaching, my love of creating workshops and sharing them. I’m sure there is even more.

As I enter my 69th year, I can feel the calling to finally let go and invest my energy in giving and being of service in a greater way, using all of Rita. I am grateful that I have been so good at running the administrative end of CSL Kauai with my husband and I'm sure we will continue to steer the vision to the next level. However, now it is time to call in support and other people who do what they do well. CSL Kauai can only go forward to its next incarnation, as we build a team that wants to create “A world that awakens each person who comes to us to their magnificence.”

So, my retina journey has encompassed many gifts beyond the repair of my retina. I needed to see more deeply into myself. Sometimes, the Universe has to pick us up by the bootstraps and set us down in the best place to do just that. If we won’t get still, It will get us still enough to listen. Of course, we are always at choice as to whether we will accept the gift.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

2 thoughts on “My Hero’s Journey – Part 4

  1. Your voice and words shine with beautiful insight , gratitude for now and soaring toward your vision and truth . Listen yo unspoken words to clarity . Thank you for sharing XO šŸ˜˜


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